With Out-of-the-Box interoperability

WiFi, Printers, Alert Systems, Tracking, EMR and more securely included.

High Level View


CITE solutions need no special or new technologies added to your infrastructure to bring immediate benefit.  At the start, your standard infrastructure provides all that is needed. No 3rd parties, no external license agreements, no special training.   There are valuable use cases that use no network and no EMR connection while providing the one of a kind benefits.  However to get the full benefit of process improvement and interchange WiFi and the EMR integration can play a vital role.  CITE systems will integrate with network access points, alert boards, call systems, printers and more through quick, simple configuration.


Simple direct connections that provide ADT, ORU, MDM, Calendar and Note push/pull with Phrazer are quickly accomplished and provide tremendous efficiency benefit for bringing up patients admission, service and discharge.

The example here shows a Phrazer server embedded securely within the firewall and getting the data feed one abstraction layer back from direct connect.


With an existing or added EMR integration service like Redox, you get Phrazer immediately connected across the integrator footprint.  An entity such as Redox manages a single secure VPN connection and your devices such as (monitors, pumps, decision tools, etc) utilize this abstraction layer for safe, effective and immediate interchange.  GeaCom prefers and supports the use of the intermediary model.

These three common non-integration partner methods of data interchange are featured on Phrazer:

Database Direct Connect Phrazer is SQL compatible and capable of directly connecting with SQL systems such as MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FrontBase, Google, Oracle and other popular systems used by modern EMRs. Direct connects are typically managed through Views, Triggers and standards-based Stored Procedure interactions for abstraction (additional options are available upon request).

Secure WebService and HL7 Absolutely all data and information associated with a customer and its protocols are exposed via secure WebServices (unless otherwise required and agreed upon). Phrazer supports WSDL, JSON, SOAP, UDDI, Secure Token Exchange and follows W3C specifications. HL7 2.x and 3.x are supported.

Shared Repository Phrazer supports the use of a secured shared data repository, i.e. a location where specific EMR data is made available; Phrazer performs post/get as needed and the EMR does the same. 3rd Party Integrators EMR integrators/intermediaries such as Redox, Covisint, X-Link, Instant Medical History (IMS) and others are supported by GeaCom.