Utility For COVID-19 Triage & Management

Manage High Volume and Limit Exposure

Automated, any language, safe and secure utility for mass COVID-19 screening and management

Safe Mass Screening and Support

Patients are empowered to self chart, no scribes needed, no triage nurses exposed, no translators required and still there is constant contact and control for staff to safely and effectively progress multiple patients simultaneously.

Personalized to the Patient's Age, Literacy & Language!


Patients can self triage individually or in groups (isolated but not alone).  Phrazer will automatically identify the patient, match language/literacy and then accurately have them self reporting their infection risks, potential symptoms and more while impressing upon them the need for orderly, safe progress.

Staff is in Control and Always Updated!


While patients progress and self report, updates enable staff can track with realtime and asynchronous progress and initiate next engagements. Staff can remote control patient Phrazers to direct the next steps, they can initiate video conference sessions with patients (with language support), they can remote direct patients to their rooms or begin consents or discharge.

Patients are Never Alone in Isolation!


While patients are roomed, staff can securely check in on any patient (staff can connect from the nurse's station, from home or any network location), to provide instructions and support and keep constant, safe contact.

COVID-19 Path Diagram

Automation and Safety Benefits!