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Frequently Asked Questions, With Answers

The use cases this system is designed for are in zones where medical qualifications are a must. Consumer devices don't achieve the infectious disease control, safety, security and stability features required. Further, Phrazer/Kitsune employs over 100 patents that provide for special communication and hardware capabilities not available in any other form factor.

GeaCom employs a flat rate, all inclusive sales model that is significantly more economical than repurposed technology or conventional staffing applications. The process improvement benefits, combined with the point solution reductions and eliminated charting results in an immediate and strong Return on Investment. The CITE solution doesn't cost, it reduces other costs, guaranteed or our customers pay nothing.

Demographic coverage, as constitutionally required, is more than just language, it is gender, literacy, age, culture, race and more. The Phrazer/Kitsune system covers 98% of all languages guaranteed and further it matches the broader value of patient demographics. The system does not require patients to read or write while they navigate their care and it always validates data before pushing to the record.

Our systems are fully proven and guaranteed so we do not offer pilot programs. A program to prove out the benefits is available. The Transition Refine Expand (TRE) model is available to new customers for a risk free opportunity to gain the CITE solution benefits. Our team will work with your staff to quickly transition processes to the CITE model. In a short time all patients will be able to navigate care via Phrazer/Kitsune or you don't pay. Then we look for process improvement opportunities, cost savings and new revenue and refine the use cases to gain the greatest results. If we don't prove positive ROI then you don't pay. From there the model is working for your system, meeting regulations, saving resources, improving staff and patient satisfaction and so we help you expand to all departments for the greatest benefit.

GeaCom does not offer tours of CITE customer sites, however we will provide an onsite demonstration at your facility, enable your staff to employ the solution with your patients and to gain our insights on benefits and process improvement opportunities. Also, we offer access to extensive video testimonials from CITE experienced providers, testimonials from patients and published medical trail results. It is a sophisticated solution that has a simple application so it isn't hard to prove and see the benefits and how they will transform your enterprise.