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Phrazer is a totally new, differentiated product and as a result even some simple features can required a little insight.  Why the hardware?  What exactly is CITE?  How do I configure the MRM to turbo charge operations? - these general questions with answers that are extremely helpful.  Also there may be some specific questions about CITE  protocols, power function, User Interfaces, specific languages and more.  This is the place for general and non-urgent questions and answers.  If you have an immediate need please call or email GeaCom anytime 24/7.

General questions
Phrazer is currently in use in 15 U.S. states and in Canada. Leading, recognized hospitals, large and small clinic systems, private and public health systems are benefiting from Phrazer and CITE every day. The daily use includes emergency care, clinical care, specialty care (surgery, mental health, etc), home care and more. Phrazer and CITE tools engage every patient, all staff, push/pull from the medical record, interact with other utilities (sensors and printers) and more. As such the vast majority of what Phrazer does includes highly private and secure data. GeaCom can not and does not use customer/user images and data as marketing tools. Several medical systems have published and presented on the breakthrough results achieved with Phrazer or provided strong testimonials. These include HCMC, HealthPartners, Mayo Clinic, Mako Labs and many more. Countless patients have also provided their strong endorsements and these are available on request.
If you're a patient, ask your nurse leader or clinical manager to look into this solution. If you are a staff member, it is actually quite easy. Firstly, the equal engagement of your patient population is required by Civil Rights Constitutional law and Phrazer is the only solution to meet this requirement. Secondly GeaCom is eager to help connect more patients with vital services and will go the extra mile to get this easily integrated into your systems. Finally, the program is cost effective and fast to implement so get leadership to contact GeaCom and we'll help ensure smooth transition to CITE from there.
Let's start with what is included. Phrazer/Kitsune, CITE engagement protocols, languages of your patient population, staff process engagements, the MRM, EMR integration, full onsite support, 24/7 service, all CITE innovation requests and ongoing consultation is standard. Specialty reimbursable protocols such as SBIRT+ that yield an average of $100/patient reimbursement and other revenue enhancing CITE protocols are included. For all of that it is $22/day for each Phrazer/Kitsune. Full Civil Rights coverage, operational improvement, ethical demography service, staff/system coordination and much more for a net positive. Performance is 100% guaranteed.
Phrazer, unlike consumer devices, is: FDA compliant, intrinsically safe (will not ignite gases like oxygen), data secure, safe from disease transfer, more stable, has unlimited power (up-time), requires no training, offers all languages, is economical, costs less than any other hardware (by multiple factors), and most importantly is the world's only system to offer the patented Multi-path Realtime Messaging (MRM) functionality that keeps patients/staff/system in full coordination. The FDA compliance means that Phrazer is built to stringent medical standards. Much like a surgery scissors and a home scissors are purpose built, so too is Phrazer. Also, in medical use special shielding is required to avoid disruption to sensitive medical devices and intrinsic safety is required to ensure the explosive gases, such as oxygen, don't ignite. There is nothing in the world like Phrazer but the most common mistaken association people make is with consumer phones and tablets. The consumer systems operating systems are compromised 100% of the time and date security and privacy is vital. All consumer devices also have serious issues with bacteria and viruses and in a use where compromised immune systems are common this is not acceptable. Further, having light weight systems that are unreliable, that "freeze up" and have short functional life is not safe for mission critical use. The cost of ownership of other devices is extremely high to secure, clean, update and maintain even before considering the cost of creating any medical interactions. The patented MRM is only available on Phrazer. This messaging ensures patients are never alone and are always progressing care. This messaging ensures that staff is always updated, following procedure and working at top of licensure. The MRM is capable of engaging not only staff and system but also family with specific messaging. The MRM is securely interoperable with all major EMRs and requires no maintenance. Most vitally is the operational control offered by the MRM that is only available on CITE tools. Finally, CITE hardware is designed for innovation efficiency. Special video CODECs, graphics accelerators, dynamic update systems and device management tools are designed for seamless (single source) operation with CITE development tools. This special hardware feature enable rapid, cost effective development of CITE Protocols, not possible in any other system. As a matter of fact, CITE development is typically less than 1/10th the cost of convention and is idea-to-device in less than 24 hours.
A full and detailed user manual is available at your facility and here on the website at the product pages (Phrazer, Kitsune, MRM). If there is need for more help, please use the on-Phrazer video conference support or call our 1-800-5GEACOM.
Its true, Phrazer/Kitsune CITE systems offer ALL languages - this includes Sign Language, all Asian, European, Mid-East, African and American (First Nations as well). Each medical system's CITE tools include the languages specific to their patient populations (usually a subset of 10 to 50 languages). If an additional language is needed then use the Phrazer CITE Map to select the language, region, dialect and culture to enable. Live translation, video and audio interpretation is also available on Phrazer/Kitsune.
Phrazer/Kitsune does not require network to function. All CITE protocols are available on each system and not network dependent. The on-device power systems can run for up to a week without recharge and the batteries are "hot-swappable" so they never need to power down.
GeaCom is partnered with Redox and Capsule, who provide always maintained, version aware, EMR integration. Chances are your system is already connected and Phrazer aware. Phrazer is pre-connected to 100s of systems that include Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Greenway, eClinicalWorks, AllScripts to name a few. The connection process typically takes 3 hours to engage and 10 full days of testing before going live. The result is your patients authoring their own chart, freeing of staff time and much, much more.
Phrazer is a medical device, purpose built and with a custom military grade OS. It isn't an option for patient's personal use. Because it isn't familiar it isn't a target for theft, however this can still happen. Each Phrazer/Kitsune have on device tracking mechanisms including proximity awareness, GPS tracking and on device private network. Because patients can't turn the systems off, the tracking systems stay live. If a system unexpectedly leaves a configured perimeter then records (if any on device) are deleted, an alert is broadcast on the MRM and tracking automatically initiates.
CITE Protocols
FAQ 10
CITE Protocols use Communication Theory designed engagements for the patient that are attention arresting, in their own language, literacy and culture. Patients do not have a linear experience but rather they have a personalized and dynamic rich experience. CITE Protocols use Information Theory designed engagements for staff that update them on all patients they are responsible for and proper process/procedure. Specific actionable information is shared and in some instances this includes personalized staff/patient interactions inline withe the CITE Protocol. There are also key items that must be shared with staff for reimbursement benefit. This is a key part of the MRM. CITE Protocols are directly integrated with both the system operations and EMR so it helps navigate patients efficiently based on staff, room and system load while simultaneously authoring the chart accurately. CITE Protocols are extremely effective, scientifically proven and market proven to work more effectively than any other method ever employed.
FAQ 11
Yes, the system can and does perform MedRec, via the patient and often during the triage process.
FAQ 12
Yes, with dynamic symptom sharing, MedRec, social history and medical history, chief complaint and more use of Phrazer/Kitsune as an effective decision aid is a natural fit.