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Immediate Wins: Foundations of Ongoing Innovation

Normalizing the patient variable and effective staff engagement are immediate benefits that open vast un-tapped potential.

Predictive, consistent and reliable patient flow with accurate and actionable data sets a foundation for unprecedented process improvement. When there are no waiting rooms, no need for interpreters, no scribes needed and staff can function in-person directly or virtually you have transformative opportunity. GeaCom can help get you there and support your process evolution. All performance, in finite detail, is measured, available in realtime and reviewed at regular milestone meetings.

Effective Augmented Coordination

Realtime measures identify patient volumes, adjust rooming and adapt by adjusting virtual staffing for augmentation services. This Just-In-Time (JIT) model enables effective and efficient staffing, seamlessly, utilizing Phrazer/Kitsune and the Cockpit services.

CITE: JIT Staffing Innovation

Supported: Innovation by the Numbers

  • CITE
  • OLD

The realtime measures also help staff see their benefit in the form of reduced charting, eliminated repetitive tasks and directions for improved Net Operating Joy. Staff appreciation of great reasons for great innovation is a key benefit of CITE measures.

Big, manageable change