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Hot Topic: Effective Care Coordination

Fundamental changes to healthcare to meet the demand for equity and efficiency are long overdue. With the push for change comes the opportunity for reinvention, and the largest opportunities in healthcare revolve around ensuring equity across demographies coupled with effective resource coordination to the point of need. Healthcare systems must deploy the best asset at the right time in order to fully empower staff and system performance, and there is only one medical grade, purpose built platform that meets all requirements of this new paradigm . GeaCom, the leader in civil rights and medical innovation is introducing the CITE 2020 Era with the only proven, validated solution for total equity, efficiency and efficacy - Phrazer/Kitsune. 

Unlike consumer technology and conventional methods, CITE solutions are based on communication theory, evolutionary biology and hard sciences creating a hyper-human experience and the most effective patient-provider relationship possible. With CITE solutions, all patients are engaged equally regardless of age, gender, language, culture, literacy level,  empowered to actively progress their care, while the patented Multipath Real-time Messaging (MRM) feature simultaneously engages the EMR, infrastructure and staff in the most effective way. 

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Throughout a patient’s medical journey, CITE solutions couple dynamic, personalized asynchronous engagements with augmented synchronous staff interactions at relevant pivot points. Patients author their own chart, actionable, relevant information is shared with staff, cultural cues are provided and process adherence guidance reinforces best practices and policies. 

Phrazer/Kitsune’s novel CITE Cockpit in combination with the MRM feature offers a dynamic control panel for effective resource coordination unlocking breakthrough efficiencies. With CITE solutions, the department regains ultimate control of patient flow and process, ensures quality and continuity across demographies and consolidates costly point-solution. Secure A/V conferencing, remote journey advancements, quick messaging feature in any language and more - all is only a tap away on Phrazer/Kitsune.

Embrace the opportunity to reinvent care with total equity, efficiency and efficacy. Experience the power of Phrazer/Kitsune CITE solutions in the CITE 2020 Era.