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Innovation, Technology and Value Not Available Anywhere Else

  • Founded
  • Location
    Duluth MN
  • Category
    U.S. Med Device Designer & Manufacturer
  • Mission
    Ethical Innovation to - Harmonize Patient, Staff & System Performance

As purpose designed and manufactured medical engagement system Phrazer/Kitsune provides efficiencies, technologies and benefits not found anywhere else. From antimicrobial/antiviral materials to complete equitable engagements across all demographics, the values and benefits of this system are unmatched.

The single source provider model means regulatory coverages, security and stability that is unmatched. The resulting benefit is streamlined integration into your full systems, lowest cost of service and effective engagement with your whole patient population.

Phrazer/Kitsune provides immediate Civil Rights requirements and diversity benefits for both patients and staff.

Phrazer/Kitsune is loaded with specialty technology that opens opportunity for rapid, valuable innovation. From massive memory stacks that reduce network reliance, to pre-integration for the EMR; from CITE engagements for all patient languages to dynamic onboard network functions; from NFC for patient tracking to the CITE Cockpit for finite control of all operations in realtime; this is a medical grade solution with forward ready features.


Cameron Berg

MD, FACEP, FAAEM Emergency Medicine, North Memorial

Phrazer streamlined my patient care while ensuring for optimal charting and billing. My patients, whether 5 or 95, found it intuitive and easy”

Ryan Sundermann

MD Medical Director,Unity Point Health

I am very excited about the flexibility and creativity of the GeaCom team, they were able to react quickly to our request for “real-time” patient satisfaction questions on Phrazer. We are one of the first hospitals in the country to have the ability to react in “real-time” to enhance the patient’s experience.”

Brandon Hoffman

RN Cardiovascular Intermediate Care, Essentia Health

Phrazer is remarkable! I get to spend more time doing what I got into nursing for: taking care of patients.

Somali Patient


We have a lot of people [in the Somali community] who struggle with language barriers. That stands in the way of them getting good healthcare. I think Phrazer will reduce that barrier. It’s simple and very easy to use. It will allow Somali patients to easily communicate their medical concerns to their doctor… I think it’s going to break that barrier for the first time.

Anne Swendsen

RN, North Memorial Medical Center

Communication between patient and provider is a fundamental aspect of providing good, quality care. Phrazer helps me establish trust and makes sure all the needed questions are asked appropriately, which leads to more accurate patient responses.

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