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PKS Results

Best Value

The End-to-End PKS pricing model yields the highest ROI in the market. Languages, engagements, protocols, staff process adherence, EMR engagement, support and more in one simple price package.

Only Total Population Equity

Equal and total population engagement isn't just an ethical imperative but is the foundation of efficiency and process excellence. PKS is the best and only total population coverage solution.

Safety & Security

From built-in Infectious Disease safety to the only un-hacked and unexposed platform, PKS is the safety and security standard and stands alone in providing for these vital requirements.

Registered Patents worldwide


Medical Engagement Solution


On 20M+ Market Proven Engagements


Years of Collaborative Development

CITE Benefits

A medical grade solution with extensive market experience, evolved into elegant implementation and application.

A modernization solution that has a proven positive effect on the core aspects of health enterprises: equity, resource utilization, innovation opportunities and system efficiency.

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PKS Process Improvement

The patient is the source of all process and remains an unaddressed variable. Phrazer/Kitsune normalizes the patient variable and ensures predictive flow.

When patients entering service are able to progress their own care at a predictive rate, (despite language, literacy, age, gender, culture) and are always in contact, then staff and resource coordination becomes available and highly effective.



Zero delay to service, immediate access to the care team and never alone process makes for high patient satisfaction.

With Phrazer/Kitsune, patients are able to progress their own chart, are never idle and have opportunity to advance at their own pace. Patients have proven to be more open, honest, understanding and have higher rates of compliance to their care plan when engaged with CITE.


Cost Reduction - New Revenue

Reduced need for registration staff, scribes, translators and point solutions while increased patient efficiency is achieved.

By having the benefit of patients (of all backgrounds) to be able to effectively author their own chart and navigate more efficiently major cost savings are achieved. Additional revenue benefits such as 'up-coding' due to better charting and sponsored content are icing on the cake.