Power of CITE

Theorized, Tested, Proven!

Highest Performance at the Greatest Point of Need: from Everyone.

Based on hard science, strongly validated, CITE is demonstrably and remarkably more effective than standardized linear communication with patients, staff and system.



Communication theory incorporates the principles of human behavior, psychology, brain research, and social sciences. Phrazer leverages visual, tactile, and emotional techniques that gain trust, comfort, and clarity. Warm, soft touch handles start your connection with the patient through a hand-held interface. Trust building is elevated to a new level with an engaging and culturally relevant caregiver who maintains continuous, private dialog. Patient satisfaction is enhanced in a single system that adjusts dynamically to culture, race, gender, and situation. Simultaneously, caregivers are provided insights into the patient's culture and medical concern.



Information theory focuses on accurate, concise, and replicable methods of transferring critical information. Phrazer uses unique patented communication pathways to inform the caregiver visually and audibly with critical and timely information about the patient’s needs, medical literacy, faith, cultural expectations, and more. Phrazer does this while also offering the opportunity to work with other patients concurrently.



Theory of matured sciences, communication, and information have predictable, repeatable results. These sciences are truly the forefront of human insight. Information theory was birthed merely 50 years ago and communication theory has only recently experienced an explosion of validated findings expanding on its strong historical base. Phrazer is the first to fully integrate these critical fundamentals.



Empowered by these validated human sciences, Phrazer’s design, software, media, and interfaces all come together in one device to improve the medical outcomes of your patient. This empowerment enables truly accurate communication to prevail in every caregiver/patient interaction. Phrazer doesn’t rest there, it leverages human evolutionary biology that reliably applies to nearly everyone and simultaneously addresses the uniqueness found in specific age groups, genders, and cultures. The science behind Phrazer provides unparalleled results in accuracy, trust, validity, and patient/caregiver satisfaction.

Multi-Path Realtime Messaging (MRM)

While a patient engages with Phrazer/Kitsune their information is being accurately written to the chart, actionable information is being provided to staff, alert boards are being updated and more. The system provides super efficiency with its patented multi-threaded functionality.


Staff is informed on the patient's medical need, language, culture and more. Process adherence instructions are included as well as qualified decision aids.

Everyone wins with CITE

Implementing Effectively

The CITE Method results in new broad benefits which may seem complex to attain but in actuality employing the tools and method to full benefit is accomplished quickly. Due to the nature of CITE, patients will intuitively engage Phrazer without training or assistance. Validated market measures prove that over 98% of all patients engage fully and accurately to complete all requested CITE interactions without assistance. As a purpose built system the interfaces for staff are also extremely easy to employ and typically in less than 20 minutes staff is effective in navigating and providing CITE engagements without difficulty.

For the enterprise the purpose built systems exceed infectious disease control and data security standards. No additional hardware or Supplemental solutions are required to begin effective use. Ultimately the low cost of implementation transitions to low cost innovation and high value benefit.

Stakeholder Benefits


CITE on Phrazer provides patients the fastest speed to treat. It personalizes to patients gender, culture, language, literacy, faith and more to provide a high quality, attention arresting experience 95% of patients prefer.

It is a moral imperative, it is the patient's right and it is a legal requirement. With CITE each patient gets the best possible, personalized and equal engagement!


A loved one in need of healthcare is a stressful experience and one that often has families in shock, fear and confusion. With CITE on Phrazer the family is provided comfort, knowledge and realtime updates.

When the loved ones of your patient understand and support the care plan, the outcomes are vastly improved and the experience greatly enhanced.


To work at top of licensure and to do what brought them to healthcare in the first place staff must really get to know the patient, have more time at the bedside and employ their critical thinking with results.

Easing the burden of the EMR by having patients accurately author their own chart and helping prepare the patient and staff for more meaningful interactions respects the staff's ability.


More accuracy means lower insurance costs. Equal engagement means vital legal compliance. Better charting means up-coding and increased reimbursements. Improved flow and harmonization yields better efficacy with less resource requirements.

When the most challenging variable, the patient, is normalized and predictable then vast horizons of affordable innovation and operationalization become a reality. This is a breakthrough to help meet and exceed operational improvement goals.

Stakeholder Testimonials

Side by Side Comparison

A side by side look at convention versus CITE helps make clear the cost, efficacy, regulatory and performance benefits of the method.

    • Patient


      + 150 Yrs
      • Over 45 minutes to treatment
      • 95% 'down time'
      • 7 minutes with the doctor
      • No language coverage
      • No sense of control
      • 90% spent alone


      + 150 Yrs
      • 30% Error Rate
      • Dozens of Point Solutions
      • Low Continuity and Quality
      • Regulatory Challenges
      • Operational Issues
      • Low Satisfaction