Positive CITE Economic

better services, better revenue

Phrazer/Kitsune's unique ability to engage patients in authoring their own chart while simultaneously engaging staff in their care needs not only adds efficiency but also engages reimbursement and revenue opportunities that previously could not be operationalized.

"Found" Money Reimbursement

The primary purpose of this breakthrough is the CITE Method for equity, efficacy and efficiency in care but it also provided avenues to improve the bottomline in hard pressed departments. The Accountable Care Act has provided reimbursements for Triple Aim Community Health initiatives. The reimbursements are vital to community health but difficult to operationalize through conventional method. Phrazer/Kitsune is able to operationalize reimbursable Triple Aim initiatives, improve community health and attain significant reimbursement value directly to your system.


Phrazer/Kitsune includes the SBIRT+ CITE engagements.  When Screening for Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment programs are provided on Phrazer/Kitsune they attain more complete results, total population coverage and full reimbursement value.  SBIRT+ programs can return over $100/patient at a $0.25 cost.  The SBIRT+ solution includes Depression Screening (PHQ 2 & 9), Drug Screening (DAST), Alcohol screening (AUDIT), Tobacco Cessation and more.  Because of the CITE method patients are comfortable and compliant with the protocols and they are provided and completed automatically as part of the patient's healthcare journey.

The system also includes a payment gateway that enables the collection of copay at the time of appointment which is convenient for patients and effective for your bottom line. Phrazer/Kitsune also has a full patient experience enhancement program called PEPs (Phrazer Entertainment Portal) that enabled full personalized patient entertainment in their own language, culture and literacy and to their own interests at no cost.


The PEPs system enables extensive cross-cultural, cross-language entertainment that patients appreciate. PEPs also provides pay-per-view activities such as premium content, live video conferencing with Family & Friends and high speed network tethering. Equal care, equal entertainment and effective revenue patients are excited to support.

Perhaps one of the greatest revenue enhancements offered is the result of the deep self charting data generated by Phrazer. The full charting results in complete coding and up-coding for services. Phrazer/Kitsune tracks the time with nurse, physician and staff, provides full reimbursement eligible engagements and places the documentation to the record ready for the billing department.