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Meet GeaCom


About GeaCom

a look into our mission

GeaCom was founded in 2007 for the purpose of developing CITE Method in collaboration with global medical leaders, community and government.  Ultimately to introduct a modernization of healthcare method to achieve improved equity, continuity, quality and efficiency of care that offers endless innovative opportunities.

  1. CITE Method modern validated science
  2. CITE Technology (Phrazer/Kitsune) Phrazer
  3. Kitsune
  4. CITE Integration (Servers/EMR) direct control
  5. CITE Innovation low cost & fast development

GeaCom  Projects

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The Company Itself

GeaCom USA is located at the northern tip of Life Science Alley, in Duluth MN.  On a map it is the furthest inland point of Lake Superior.  GeaCom Canada is located in downtown Vancouver British Columbia.  Both locations are staffed by privacy certified medical experts, electrical engineers, software developers, network experts, support personnel and additional talent to ensure the best CITE services.

GeaCom is Innovation.