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    Althing Proactive Health Services - An Approach To Digital Inequity And Improved Access To Care

    When hearing digital inequity we think about access to internet and digital platforms, like smart phones, tablets, pc’s. But the digital divide in healthcare goes beyond the disparate access to those listed. The existing boom on digital, mostly synchronous, health solutions are not tailored to equally engage the entire community. Think about the seniors, the culturally diverse individuals, those with lower digital literacy or the ones concerned about privacy and safety of their health information; they are left behind and what does that mean? Those who are most in need of these vital health services are often least able to access them.

    Knowing that a holistic, equitable inclusion model is necessary to provide true community health services, the Althing with its qualified, portable clinic model sets a new standard in proactive health care. By utilizing the only purpose built, safe and secure engagement platform, Phrazer/Kitsune, that offers a patented method for full population coverage, it brings vital health services directly to our communities. GeaCom's clinical division, Althing, is a reinvention of health access that proactively adds health professionals, services and benefits not only to rural and outstate communities.

    Learn more about the Althing Model: