A New Paradigm Of Healthcare After COVID-19

While health systems have been propelled into navigating the demands of the acute COVID-19 surge, the question about how to handle the “new normal” afterwards becomes pressing. This pandemic forced tremendous change on process, payment and policies, and further evolution of healthcare delivery is inevitable. Fundamental changes to healthcare require novel solutions to meet the demands of the new paradigm. GeaCom’s CITE solution plays an integral role meeting these demands for a modernized, equitable and efficient care process. Here’s how:

The demand for equitable solutions: 

The current push for Civil Rights and equity in our communities creates a demand in healthcare for equal engagement across demographies, which conventional methods simply can’t meet. With Phrazer/Kitsune, all patients are engaged equally regardless of age, gender, language or literacy level. For the first time, quality and continuity across the entire patient population is accomplished. CITE Solutions empower patients to actively progress their care and directly populate their chart with unmatched accuracy levels. Furthermore, CITE Solutions eliminate unconscious bias and medical error due to communication barriers. It is the only proven journey solution for full population coverage that brings patients and staff closer together. 

The demand for safe and secure virtual health solutions: 

The boom for virtual health solutions was soon followed by an awakening to security and safety flaws and scalability limitations inherent to consumer devices and point solutions. GeaCom’s medical grade hardware not only exceeds infectious disease standards, it also offers novel virtual health features for safe, secure and effective patient/staff interactions. 

The demand for efficient and scalable solutions: 

Improving efficiency of care without compromising quality remains one of the largest challenges for healthcare facilities. While conventional methods require a “1:1” patient/staff ratio, Phrazer/Kitsune’s Multipath Realtime Messaging (MRM) feature enables a never before possible “1: many” ratio with audio alerts to staff, direct charting into the EHR, notifications to alert boards and more. The MRM feature ensures effective resource coordination, top of licensure performance and staff process adherence leading to operational excellence that can only be achieved with CITE Solutions.   

The demand for cost effectiveness and novel revenue pathways:

Traditionally, point-solutions and repurposed consumer devices have cluttered up departments and induced a huge burden due to cost and frequent updates, upgrades and maintenance. Consolidating point solutions becomes a necessity for cost savings and operational excellence. Phrazer/Kitsune has been proven effective as a means to consolidate language services, patient entertainment, survey services and more -- all while offering a lower cost of ownership. This combination not only alleviates the budget, but also increases revenue leading to an unbeatable ROI. 


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The Virtual Health Boom During The COVID-19 Pandemic And Its Potential To Permanently Impact Care Delivery

COVID-19 forced tremendous changes to healthcare operations and patient-staff interactions. The pressing need for videoconference solutions (synchronous engagement) combined with temporarily relaxed regulations for HIPAA, Civil Rights and ADA had non-medial solutions enter the healthcare market with unqualified consumer devices and services. The appetite for digital AV solutions remains strong while limitations and downsides start to occur - the requirement of high-performance networks, expensive staff resources, inequitable access across demographies, and most importantly the inability to scale. Furthermore, asynchronous interactions utilizing digital forms, web pages or digital education have been proven ineffective and expensive.

But is there a medical grade platform that allows equitable, effective and scalable synchronous and asynchronous engagements? Yes, there is! 

Phrazer/Kitsune, the only FDA designed and qualified, medical grade engagement platform, combines safe and secure audio/video conferencing capabilities with equitable, effective CITE engagements and other features. The patented Multi-path Realtime Messaging (MRM) feature provides novel efficiency and resource coordination benefits that no other solution offers. 

The change forced by the COVID-19 pandemic brings a tremendous opportunity to rethink care delivery and evaluate the longterm benefits of Phrazer/Kitsune as a journey solution for equity, efficiency, top of licensure performance, continued innovation and economic enhancements. Use the virtual health trend as a catalyst for sustainable care model transformation with Phrazer/Kitsune. The empowering capabilities for patients and staff will reshape the traditional patient-provider interactions and operational performance of healthcare facilities. 

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Phrazer/Kitsune: Equity in COVID-19 response without compromise

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Fighting COVID-19: The New Way of Patient Engagement with Phrazer/Kitsune

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COVID-19: Equitable, Safe, Available HIPAA Compliant Solution


As the challenges of this health crisis increase, the need for a validated, FDA-qualified solution for equity, staff safety and efficiency becomes even greater. The entire population and our communities are deeply affected by the urgent need for vital services. 

GeaCom's medical-grade platform, Phrazer/Kitsune, offers baseline COVID-19 interviews, risk assessments and patient education in all languages ensuring quality and continuity across demographies without the need for direct staff assistance. Real-time messaging, patient EHR self-charting, video conferencing and more allow effective and safe application of your healthcare staff. Remote update capabilities, no-network requirements and content adaptation/expansion within hours through remote updates complete the unmatched technology GeaCom offers. 
As a Minnesota company, U.S. manufacturer and committed leader in Civil Rights, community health and innovation, we are offering our solution to regional response centers to address the COVID-19 pandemic most effectively. Support the safety of your patients, your staff and your community by utilizing Phrazer/Kitsune.
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Health Care Disparities - They Are Real, Unnecessary And Addressable With CITE Solutions

Despite the improvements in the overall health in the US, there is a large disenfranchised population experience a lower quality of health care. Engaging patients with conventional methods reaches about 20 percent of the entire population effectively - the dominant culture, well-educated, literate, established individuals. Patients differing from that in regards to age, language, cultural background, or literacy level have a documented diminished healthcare experience. Disparities in health care exist and affects everyone. It is known that unconscious bias, stereotyping, prejudice and clinical uncertainty contribute to disparities, but what can you do about it? While national agencies promote equitable, effective, safe and high quality care for all, the reality is that health institutions are struggling to meet these with conventional tools. Until now. GeaCom’s proven medical CITE Journey Solution ensures equity across demographies, quality and continuity of care, top of licensure performance and staff guidance as well as innovation, efficiency and economic benefits for healthcare systems. See a quick video about the moral imperative of Phrazer/Kitsune CITE Solutions here:


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The Meaning Of Leading Innovation And Transformation In The Most Restricted And Challenging Market Space

The Phrazer/Kitsune CITE Solutions are an ethical invention that revolutionize healthcare by harmonizing patient, staff and system performance. But what does that mean? 

CITE Solutions enable never before possible equity and a personalized experience across the entire patient population regardless of age, gender, language, cultural background, or literacy level. Furthermore, CITE Solutions enable top of licensure performance for staff - from data entry back to patient care - support with process adherence guidance and provide actionable information that enhance the patient-staff relationship. Finally, CITE Solutions unlock novel efficiency, throughput and innovation benefits for the health system. Knowing about the unmatched benefits and features, why isn’t every health system transitioning to Phrazer/Kitsune CITE Solutions immediately? Well, because changing the status quo, especially in this market space, is the most challenging mission an entity can take on.

“It should be borne in mind that there is nothing more difficult to arrange, more doubtful of success, and more dangerous to carry through than initiating changes. The innovator makes enemies of all those who prospered under the old order, and only lukewarm support is forthcoming from those who would prosper under the new. Their support is lukewarm ... partly because men are generally incredulous, never really trusting new things unless they have tested them by experience.” Niccolò Machiavelli 

GeaCom’s CITE Solutions outperform consumer devices, have been proven effective to solve longstanding challenges and regulatory requirements, and provide the most safe and secure engagements. Having the best product is vital for longterm market success, but learning how to drive organizational change and sustainable transformation is another critical element.

The human resistance to change, despite proven benefits of a novel solution, is the biggest barrier to overcome. As a transformative innovation, CITE Solutions offer the opportunity to rethink processes, roles, and more. That’s why change management is vital in this process. Based on Dr. Kotter’s 8-Step Methodology for leading change, GeaCom developed an implementation model that guides healthcare institution and ensures success though the transformation process. 


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Engaging GeaCom Talent for CITE Journey Solutions

u.4.2020-02-18.pngThis week we were in the studio filming with an exciting new GeaCom Talent, a professional voice actor, recording artist and a new contributor to breakthrough CITE Solutions. He lent us his masterful vocal abilities and winsome presence to further add to our extensive selection of CITE elements providing novel journey engagements for patients and caregivers. He joins a wide array of diverse talent who collectively enable us to provide tailor-made interactions ensuring equity and continuity of care for all patients regardless of their language, literacy or background.
GeaCom is committed to forging and maintaining relationships with accomplished individuals who share our passion for Civil Rights and healthcare transformation. 
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Virtual Care Access on Phrazer/Kitsune And Its Benefits for Staff

u.4.974.jpgPhrazer/Kitsune provides novel features that benefit your staff. CITE Solutions reduce the burden of the Eletronic Medical Record (EMR) bringing your staff back to the bedside to do what they do best: care for patients. CITE Solutions also offer access to competency development and well-being/stress management engagements. Additionally, Phrazer/Kitsune provides process adherence guidance and allows on-demand access to virtual care features


How does access to virtual care on Phrazer/Kitsune benefit staff

Virtual care features have been proven effective for patients throughout their medical journey, but this feature is also a key element to mitigate burnout across healthcare professionals. According to the 2019 National Physicians Burnout & Depression Report about 40% of physicians—and 50% of female physicians—are burned out. As studies show, stress and burnout rates among healthcare professionals are alarmingly high and physician burnout is linked to a 16% decrease in patient satisfaction, an 11% increase in reported medical errors, increased turnover, and early retirement. As a holistic engagement solution, Phrazer/Kitsune offers a pathway for medical staff to connect with professionals to talk about well-being, reduce stress and counteract burnout. This on-demand pathway to resources removes the barrier to access professional services in a convenient and non-disruptive way.

Phrazer/Kitsune - the only solution harmonizing patient, staff and system performance. For healthier, happier staff and high quality patient care.

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When implementing new networked solutions, no matter how compelling, making network access available is a pragmatic and economically concerning consideration.  


No, the current WiFi can not take the additional traffic and meet the throughput requirements.  No, the existing wiring can not carry this signal effectively for the new technology.  Adding additional WiFi and wireless access points still requires wires to those hubs which will cost as much a $5,000/10 feet.  Pragmatic considerations of multiple wireless signals in the same or near same spectrum also creates real challenges as signal collisions and or service disruptions are all but guaranteed.   Running all new wiring in a building costs millions to perform, if there is even room.


Fortunately GeaCom, as a world leading technology developers is putting wires in the past.  New WiFi and BLE mesh technologies on the Phrazer/Kitsune platform are the novel technology that empowers the instant wireless installation.  Each system is a “node” and acts as an access point and relay for all other systems in a facility.  The nodes create a “mesh” of wireless transfer without wires or even special access points.  Vital messages on the mesh leverage a logic process to relay through from point of notification to receiver anywhere in the mesh range (essentially everywhere), creating a new paradigm for responsive and vital messaging performance.




Massive data transfer are also preformed on the mesh so historically network intensive and expensive ‘pulls’ happen instantly and without cost or general network impact.  Rethink the implementation and time and cost of novel digital solutions.  The Phrazer/Kitsune novel high speed mesh network self generates as a stable, secure, efficient implementation for huge time and cost savings. Phrazer/Kitsune network implementation takes an hour or less to achieve connection of the vital CITE Services.

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