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    Nobody is Safe Until EVERYONE is Safe (CITE 2020 ERA)

    u.1.pan_equity.jpgIn a pandemic, it isn't in control until it is for everyone.  This was true for diseases North America effectively inoculated for and now the challenge of "everyone" is more complex.  The low literacy and non-english speaking challenges are significantly higher than in the 1930s and 40s and now the tsunami of misinformation is a compounding factor.


    Communication problems were a contributing factor in 7,149 cases (30 percent) of 23,000 medical malpractice claims filed between 2009 and 2013, according to the report, published by research/analysis firm CRICO Strategies.  However, researchers said the statistics they compiled are only scratching the surface, as there are surely numerous communication-related patient harms that did not lead to malpractice claims.  


    CITE 2020 overcomes the communication challenges and brings an effective weapon to the war on misinformation, ushering a new era is equity.