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    Frustrated of spending 50% of your time charting? You want to spend more meaningful time with your patients? Community health is a priority, but conventional methods have failed to achieve your goals?

    Phrazer/Kitsune is your solution! 

    Transform all locations in your facility into active care zones and establish a new quality of engagement for patient and staff utilizing Phrazer/Kitsune’s patented CITE Methodologies - the world's only medical journey solution.

    Intuitive CITE interfaces empower your patients to self register, utilize self-rooming and way-finding features to easily navigate your facility and immediately progress care with personalized pre-visit CITE engagements. From a full history suite to cancer screenings, immunization recommendations over Med Checks and advance directives - your patients author their own chart while Phrazer’s patented MRM feature provides relevant CITE messages to different groups of your care team. With Phrazer/Kitsune patients are never isolated and always progress care. You and your team are enabled to perform at top of licensure and empowered to coordinate resources to the point of need.

    Patient centered CITE interventions, general health topics, community health programs and specific post visit CITE engagements enhance your interaction with the patient and are designed to meet your patients needs regardless of language, cultural background and level of literacy. Phrazer’s competency suite keeps your staff up to date on their competencies while Phrazer’s process adherence engagements support staff’s compliance with processes and procedures. 

    The CITE enabled clinic workflow offers unprecedented harmonization benefits for your patients, staff and system. Want to find out how Phrazer/Kitsune can improve your workflow, end frustrating inefficiencies, truly innovate, improve patient and staff experience and support your goals? Get in touch with us today!