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    No budget, No resources, No innovation - How to break the cycle!

    While healthcare executives endorse the importance of innovation, patient equity, and efficiency they struggle to employ innovative solutions to reach longstanding goals. IT departments already have their hands full installing, maintaining, and upgrading electronic health record systems, the traditional budget structure does not allow flexibility and management can’t add “another” project to the list. 

    How is the implementation of CITE solutions different?

    CITE solutions are easy to employ, don’t require any patient and minimal staff training and provide immediate benefits to your organization. Patients are engaged equally across demographies, Civil Rights and Patient Bill of Rights are accounted for, quality and continuity of care is established while new efficiencies and revenue pathways offer immediate financial benefits. Boost current initiatives with Phrazer/Kitsune and start your transition to CITE via GeaCom’s proven Transition - Refine Expand (TRE) approach.

    What about required IT resources?

    As the only medical grade engagement system, CITE solutions are safe, secure and fully adaptable to existing infrastructure. Use a direct print functionality or fully integrate the solution with any EHR. And here is the good news: a connection to any EHR is lightweight with less than 10 h of your IT time. 

    What if there is no budget?

    Break the cycle and support innovation with true results by transitioning to CITE solutions. CITE is a new method for patient equity, that empowers staff to perform at top of licensure, allows you to consolidate point solutions, provides process efficiencies, and offers immediate revenue pathways via reimbursements, sponsorships and PPV. Offset your cost for Phrazer/Kitsune and experience novel revenue pathways right away.

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    Happy Staff makes Healthy Patients!

    You are wondering what CITE Systems do for staff? Here you go:

    1. From Data Entry back to Patient Care: CITE Systems empower the patient to actively progress their care and author their own chart meaning less data entry for staff. Get back to the bedside and perform at top of licensure. 

    2.  Staff CITE Messaging: CITE technology has a patented Multipath Realtime Messaging (MRM) feature to share actionable information and cultural considerations with the care team in real time. Nursing staff and provider receive specific CITE messages relevant to the patients' status, progress and needs. Be connected to your patient throughout their journey empowers you to engage in a meaningful way. For stronger human bonds.

    3. Process Adherence: The CITE System offers process adherence support for staff in the time of need. Reduce constant reinforcement meetings and achieve full compliance. Fully configurable to your needs. 

    4. Staff Engagements: The CITE System offers the capabilities to engage staff on any topic. From competency development to introduction of new utilities over updates on new and ongoing care initiatives. For continuity and quality across your system. 

    5. Ideas become Reality: Staff is encouraged to bring in ideas and innovate. Thaw frozen opportunities and use CITE Systems as your platform for innovation. No additional cost, easy and quickly.

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    How Phrazer/Kitsune EMR Interchange Works


    Phrazer/Kitsune EMR Interchange 

    Phrazer/Kitsune facilitates easy, fast, and secure exchange of patient health data that powers CITE use cases, improving healthcare. A single connection to the secure exchange engine enables interoperation with EHRs and Phrazer/Kitsune. Data flow is managed across Phrazer/Kitsune, the exchange engine, and a health system. Those are the three places data is processed and stored within our programs.


    Phrazer/Kitsune to the Exchange Engine

    Phrazer/Kitsune code for all EMR exchange use cases is pre-connect to the Exchange Engine via an HTTPS webhook. The Exchange Engine sends messages to Phrazer/Kitsune’s callback URL and receive messages and queries. Phrazer/Kitsune and the Exchange Engine use standard JSON data models that represent a wide variety of patient-centric data. When data exchanges send to an endpoint, it includes a Phrazer/Kitsune encryption token in the message headers. In the event of a transmission error, the Exchange Engine automatically retries a number of times before throwing an error alert notifying Phrazer/Kitsune for escalation path and an on-call engineer to investigate further.


    The Exchange Engine

    Messages go through three stages of transformation to standardize into JSON specifications. First, messages are parsed according to type (HL7 v2, CCD, Custom API, etc.). Secondly, they are configured for Phrazer/Kitsune specific specifications. Finally, they are configured for the health-system-level workflow customizations that can affect these messages. At this stage, field-level filters can be applied before messages are routed to their proper destination and transmitted in the specified format.


    Health System to the Exchange Engine 

    Integration with health systems start by identifying the most efficient integration strategy for their unique EHR implementation. For HL7 integrations, we most commonly maintain a secure VPN tunnel for MLLP traffic. HL7 messages originating in the EHR are normally routed through an on-premise interface engine already in use in the health system before being pushed to the VPN. Conversely, the Exchange Engine pushes HL7 messages back to the EHR through this infrastructure as well. When HL7 isn’t used we work with health systems to connect to EHR-vendor-custom APIs as well as supporting DIRECT protocol.

    The bottom line here is that the Exchange Engine handles the mapping and configuration of messages, making it easy and lightweight for IT teams to work with it.


    Data Translation

    Data consumed from an external source is transformed into our normalized data models. Although our standard system uses an HL7v2 message which is transformed into JSON, please note that a variety of other standards such as CDA, FHIR, X12, and Web Services can be both consumed and produced.  Data is safely, efficiently, accurately and seamlessly entered by patients.

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    FDA Purpose Built Benefit


    An Update On Purpose Built Medical Solutions:  Why Phrazer/Kitsune Hardware?


    The sophisticated Enterprise on the other hand asks what it is willing to officially sanction. How much bacteria introduction and infectious disease risk is okay?  How much HIPAA exposure is acceptable?  What amount of data exposure is affordable?  What is the value of the sacred trust, so hard earned over the decades?  How much of the budget is available for IT overhead?  How much time is acceptable for your patients to spend totally disengaged from advancing their care while under your roof?  


    Patients are going to show up with their own consumer devices.  Some patients will record AV and photographs of staff and even other patients inappropriately.  All patients with consumer devices will bring bacteria load points, HIPAA violation points (yes their location and timestamp is recorded), digital virus points, intrinsic safety violation points and mis-information portals into your health system (Dr Google).  Some patients will make their co-pay using their devices exposing their record, some will view inappropriate entertainment in earshot of others and all will simply take risks they haven’t considered.  Patients seem to demand, for now, that they retain access to their devices while having the contradictory demand of safety, security, privacy and ethical experiences from the Enterprise.


    Because in population health everyone matters (its a constitutional right)

    Phrazer/Kitsune is the ONLY system to equally engage each patient, with personalized interactions, despite language, literacy, gender, culture and more.  Total continuity and quality of care across demographies without compromise and without additional expense is proven only via Phrazer/Kitsune.  This is only possible due to purpose built medical hardware and systems.


    Because every second in the facility should be focused on health outcomes and quality performance

    To enable the modern, proven CITE Method, specialized technology is employed for realtime and relevant time messaging to coordinate and harmonize patient, staff and system performance.  The key technology that sends targeted, pure, actionable information exactly when and to whom it is needed is only found in Phrazer/Kitsune.


    Because safety matters

    Phrazer/Kitsune takes the patient trust in your facility’s infectious disease control seriously, with the strongest antimicrobial surfaces in the industry.  Intrinsically safe, strong antimicrobials, no surfaces to pool filth, safe for liquids and no requirement for disposables.  This is a standard that should never be forsaken. 


    Because security matters

    Phrazer/Kitsune is powered by the only un-compromised, medical grade operating system.  OS Shannon provides total virus protection, data security and industry leading encryption.  The hardware includes yet another layer of strong encryption, invisible device tracking, powering security and more.  It is the most data secure platform available.


    Because reliability matters

    Single secure source hardware, purpose built to the high quality demands of the market incorporates qualified materials only.  An operating system and user interface designed for one purpose: quality engagements  Phrazer/Kitsune includes no superfluous 3rd party apps, no compromised un-managed points and optimized, hardware targeted design.  When the medical device maker produces software its streamlined, specialty designed and completely integrated. 


    Because cost matters

    Phrazer/Kitsune costs LESS than consumer systems.  Ref the cost analysis for full details not only on significant ROI but also “found money” revenue immediately generated by Phrazer/Kitsune via the patented Multi-path Realtime Messaging (MRM).


    Because innovation matters

    When a new initiative requires adjustment to a dozen point solutions, paper and processes, then that initiative is cost & time prohibitive.  With Phrazer/Kitsune CITE systems patient engagement adjustments, process adherence incorporation and immediate success measures are accomplished quickly, efficiently and holistically.  CITE Systems coordinate patient, staff and system performance so that from a single point, all points of service align to the innovation. 


    Because authority matters

    Phrazer/Kitsune provides your voice; the voice of the Enterprise specifically, to your population, specifically.  No generic versions or web generalized information means authority and specificity for focused top performance and authority.


    In summation, Phrazer/Kitsune is the only medical grade solution that is safe, secure, integrated, adaptive and provides full Civil Rights in conjunction with significant financial benefits. 


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    Radical Benefits, Rational Process - Your Program to Equity and Excellence

    Transition - Refine - Expand, or short TRE, is GeaCom’s approach to easily and effectively employ CITE journey solutions. 

    Transition: Begin your transition to CITE Methodologies in defined areas of care or use cases and experience the benefit of immediate patient equity, improved patient experience and a new level of continuity and quality of care. Utilize current initiatives, such as reduction of 30-day readmission rate, or specific areas of care, such as the ED, as entry points to get started. 

    Refine: Collaborate with GeaCom on achieving defined goals, recognize accomplishments and refinements of CITE engagements for patients and staff. Utilize Phrazer/Kitsune as platform for innovation that empowers your staff to perform at top of licensure and and thaw frozen opportunities for unmatched results in equity, efficacy, and efficiency. 

    Expand: During the term of the TRE program, regular performance reviews are provided to ensure that defined goals are achieved. With GeaCom you have an innovation partner who is committed to support your expansion strategy and desire to fully integrate CITE solutions for unprecedented benefits. Empower the breakthrough by utilizing Phrazer/Kitsune’s patented MRM features for full harmonization of patient, staff and system performance. Expand in other areas of care, consolidate point solutions, explore novel revenue pathways and establish a new level of operational excellence. 

    u.4.P_GeaCom 20180925 Graphic.001 (1).jpeg


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    Phrazer/Kitsune - A Novel Medical Journey Solution And The Challenge of Traditional ROI Calculations

    A patient’s experience in healthcare today is dominated by frustrations about limited access to care, extensive wait times, overfilled facilities, and minimal time with the provider. Patients across demographies desire increased value, quality, and service during their medical journey and a better overall patient experience. 

    For a successful transition to a value-based system it is imperative to invest in engagement technologies that improve patient health outcomes while decreasing the costs of care delivery. Phrazer/Kitsune is a medical journey solution for equitable, patient centered engagements that simultaneously share critical information with staff and enable top of licensure performance. Additionally, Phrazer/Kitsune offers efficiency benefits leading to a new level of operational excellence in concert with novel revenue pathways. When determining the financial benefit of your Phrazer/Kitsune program the consideration of not only hard savings but also new vital benefits not previously calculated. Hard savings include the standard cost measures while soft savings are less tangible, but equally important such as care plan adherence, patient confidence, community health and more.

    With Phrazer/Kitsune, all locations in your facility become active care zones where patients progress care through relevant, patient-centered CITE engagements. 

    u.4.unnamed.pngWhat does that mean for your economics? Phrazer/Kitsune sets a new standard of speed to treat (AKA ‘door-to-doctor’) within 3 min. across all demographies without the need for translation or charting services.  The novel system vastly reduces charting time for staff, eliminates medical error caused by communication barriers, integrates process adherence that increases compliance with quality procedure and that ultimately supports delivering excellent care. When patient understanding and compliance with care instructions is increased, the overall experiences for staff and patients is improved. 

    With Phrazer/Kitsune it is proven that patients are more deeply engaged in their care, happier and experience healthier results while processes are more efficient. All these benefits, and more, impact your value calculation. Even with the enhanced performance provided via Phrazer/Kitsune to total cost is less than $0.02 per minute vs. over $1.66 per minute for conventional methods.  

    Do you want to know how Phrazer/Kitsune can improve your specific key measures? Get in touch with us today!

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    Frustrated of spending 50% of your time charting? You want to spend more meaningful time with your patients? Community health is a priority, but conventional methods have failed to achieve your goals?

    Phrazer/Kitsune is your solution! 

    Transform all locations in your facility into active care zones and establish a new quality of engagement for patient and staff utilizing Phrazer/Kitsune’s patented CITE Methodologies - the world's only medical journey solution.

    Intuitive CITE interfaces empower your patients to self register, utilize self-rooming and way-finding features to easily navigate your facility and immediately progress care with personalized pre-visit CITE engagements. From a full history suite to cancer screenings, immunization recommendations over Med Checks and advance directives - your patients author their own chart while Phrazer’s patented MRM feature provides relevant CITE messages to different groups of your care team. With Phrazer/Kitsune patients are never isolated and always progress care. You and your team are enabled to perform at top of licensure and empowered to coordinate resources to the point of need.

    Patient centered CITE interventions, general health topics, community health programs and specific post visit CITE engagements enhance your interaction with the patient and are designed to meet your patients needs regardless of language, cultural background and level of literacy. Phrazer’s competency suite keeps your staff up to date on their competencies while Phrazer’s process adherence engagements support staff’s compliance with processes and procedures. 

    The CITE enabled clinic workflow offers unprecedented harmonization benefits for your patients, staff and system. Want to find out how Phrazer/Kitsune can improve your workflow, end frustrating inefficiencies, truly innovate, improve patient and staff experience and support your goals? Get in touch with us today!

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    Phrazer/Kitsune can do that? - SBIRT+ Overview


    Phrazer/Kitsune performs vital, reimbursable community health services in a more consistent, accurate, and inclusive manner. Better healthcare, new revenue from a light implementation.

    What is SBIRT?

    u.3.sbirt 1-3.png

    SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment) is a reimbursable ACA program aimed at public health cost reduction. Screening and early intervention is proven to help identify, reduce, and prevent substance use disorders and assist in avoidance for people at risk for developing substance use disorders. It has been adapted for use in primary care settings, hospital emergency settings as well as other community settings. Screening large numbers of individuals offers the possibility for early intervention, before more severe consequences occur.

    The importance of integrating SBIRT into the clinical setting is becoming increasingly important due to widespread substance use (and the Opioid crisis) in the United States.  According to the 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA 20016), “an estimated 1.5 percent of adults aged 18 or older in 2016 (3.6 million adults) received any substance use treatment in the past year, and 0.9 percent (2.1 million adults) received treatment at a specialty facility...” See the full survey here

    Why is SBIRT Important?

    Unhealthy and unsafe alcohol and drug use are major preventable public health problems resulting in more than 100,000 deaths each year. The costs to society are more than $600 billion annually. Effects of unhealthy and unsafe alcohol and drug use have far-reaching implications for the individual, family, workplace, community, and the health care system.

    Screening early and often can dramatically improve public health and reduce overall costs of care. Research shows that Brief Interventions:

      •  Are low cost and effective

      •  Are most effective among persons with less severe problems

      •  Are feasible and highly effective components of an overall public health approach to reducing alcohol and substance misuse


    The Novel Phrazer/Kitsune SBIRT+

    Phrazer/Kitsune programs provide three or more vital and validated health screeners into an organized CITE package (any language, literacy, culture, etc) called SBIRT+. This consist of the following:

    u.3.What is sbirt.png


    u.3.sbirt path diagram_02.jpg


    GeaCom’s Approach to Operationalize SBIRT+

    Start by leveraging the most under-utilized resource in medicine, the patient! By introducing Phrazer/Kitsune to the patient, we transform frustrating wait time into time well-used. By performing the above CITE screeners in the waitroom or once the patient is roomed the provider can know if there are any flagged items (i.e. high risk alcohol use) before even seeing the patient. The patient doesn’t need training to use Phrazer and gets to interact in their preferred language.

    This is a reimbursable process that Phrazer/Kitsune streamlines, enabling the care team to provide holistic care. 

    How this benefits care practices?

    The Phrazer/Kitsune health screeners enable practices to provide better care to the patients they serve and these are typically reimbursable and now easier than ever to initiate. Phrazer/Kitsune performs the heavy lifting and screens patients that may be at risk and in turn provides care systems with a wealth of information at no additional time cost.

    How much reimbursement is available?

    This is where things can get interesting due to the reimbursement process itself. Depending upon many factors, including Insurance type (medicare, medicaid, private), location (varies slightly by state) and most importantly the patient’s responses reimbursements can be between $30 and $100+.




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    "My Experience with Phrazer" in my classroom


    Please introduce yourself with name, title, organization, your role within the Phrazer program and tell me what you are passionate about. 

    Nicole Thompson, EL Teacher, Neveln Elementary School. My passion is supporting my English Language Learners in any way I can and having high expectations for their success.  My students come from varying backgrounds and I aim to provide a safe place where they can achieve greatness.  

    How does Phrazer support your passion? 

    Phrazer has allowed me to incorporate parent/teacher and student communication, which has been proven pretty difficult in the past. Phrazer eliminates barriers, increases involvement and true communication can occur between teacher and family. Students are able to take the Phrazer System home and parents are able see the progress they are making in school. More specifically what they are currently working on in the software program, Independent Reading, and Small Group with individual recommendations on how to support the child’s reading development. Phrazer also supports my passion by offering personalized learning engagements that help the students to progress and succeed. 

    How is Phrazer currently used and how does it help your students, parents, staff and system? 

    With Phrazer we are able to communicate with parents on a daily and weekly basis, without having to go through the obstacles we typically would. Communication is more positive this way and the parent can see what their child is working on and how they are making progress. Parents can then send the device back to us with any questions, concerns or comments. Phrazer also revolutionizes teaching in class by offering engagements for spelling, dictation, reading fluency, and more. Phrazer’s entertainment portal offers audio books and e-books for several reading levels that help students in their development.

    If you think about Phrazer’s capabilities and the future within your system - what are you most excited about? 

    We are most excited about the fact that students and parents who speak any language are going to receive the equal education and engagement they deserve. With the growing EL population, parents are missing opportunities to be involved in their child’s education. Phrazer will allow them to have that involvement and empowers our students to achieve their goals. I am also excited about exploring new areas where Phrazer can make a difference. 

    If you would describe your experience working GeaCom in three words - which ones would that be? Please explain. 

    Innovation, Empowering, Creativity. This is easy since no other school is working on anything like this.  This is the first of its kind to combine medical technology with education to benefit students, families, and our community. I feel empowered by GeaCom because they truly look to me and my co teacher for our knowledge in education. Lastly, we come up with creative solutions and collaborate on achieving our goals. 

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    "My Experience with Phrazer" in my classroom


    Please introduce yourself with name, title, organization, your role within the Phrazer program and tell me what you are passionate about.

    Stephanie Garbisch, EL Teacher, Neveln Elementary School. Phrazers are employed in my System 44 Reading class to all students. I am passionate about my students and taking care of the whole child. I want them to know they are smart and capable of anything they set their mind to.

    How does Phrazer support your passion? 

    Phrazer helps me build that much needed relationship. My entire teaching philosophy is based on creating high quality teacher-student relationships. Phrazer supports this by allowing me to engage with parents without having language, literacy, or income be a barrier. Students who take the Phrazers home feel successful. They feel pride in what they did when often times they receive homework that is not at their level. Phrazer is set up specifically for each student to support individual learning needs.

    How is Phrazer currently used and how does is help your students, parents, staff and system?

    Phrazer is used in our school district to enroll students and in my System 44 reading classroom. Phrazers are sent home weekly with each student. The students have about 20 minute interactions set up. Students are able to practice their sight words with a parent and also show their parents their weekly progress in the reading program. The specific data that student share via Phrazer with their parents is detailed but explained in a way that’s easy to understand. Parents have the opportunity to interact with the devices to stay updated on the students learning progress and it helps me to be connected with the parents on a regular basis. 

    If you think about Phrazer’s capabilities and the future within your system - what are you most excited about?

    It excites me when my EL parents actually get to participate in their children’s learning development using Phrazer. Our immediate focus has been on English speaking students in System 44, but in the future, I cannot wait to employ it utilizing across all languages. Without Phrazer, parents feel less engaged in their child’s learning journey because they are intimidated often due to difficult to overcome communication barriers.

    If you would describe your experience working GeaCom in three words - which ones would that be? Please explain.

    Collaboration, Exploration, and Appreciation. Geacom has made it very clear that they want to partner with us to help students and parents, but that I am the “expert” in the field of education and they respect my background of working with students for many years. We are able to bounce innovative ideas off of each other, think outside-the-box, be creative, and collaborate to meet mutual goals.

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