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    ASL: Meeting Civil Rights with Phrazer/Kitsune



    There aren't enough qualified and available ASL interpretation professionals available to broadly cover the need across the country.  Maintaining and engaging these talents is challenging and expensive.  With Phrazer/Kitsune ASL patients experience equal continuity and quality of care that provides for their civil rights.  How this looks and feels is something many are curious about so we provide this short video demonstration for your edification.  Please enjoy and share the good news of Phrazer/Kitsune.

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    How ideas become reality on Phrazer/Kitsune


    The Mental Health leadership team at Regions Hospital experienced this week how their innovative ideas became a reality with Phrazer/Kitsune - quickly and effectively. The team is excited and proud to lead innovation in the area of Mental Health and offer Phrazer/Kitsune to their patients on all inpatient floors, the ED and outpatient programs.


    GeaCom is looking forward to continuing our innovative path with Regions Hospital to make a difference for patients, staff, and the system. 

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    Phrazer/Kitsune Novel Features Overview





    This brief overview of Phrazer/Kitsune systems shares high level details of the physical and technical aspects of the only purpose built, FDA compliant Medical Engagement Solution.  The 3 minute overview gives a taste of current North American medical innovation and product development.  If you have further interest after this video and the corresponding website, please use the form at the bottom of page to request more and we'll be pleased to accommodate.

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    Phrazer's Patient Entertainment Portal & Services (PEPS)


    Phrazer modernizes entertainment services by offering a Patient Entertainment Portal and Services (PEPS) with extensive a la carte access to high speed internet and demographically matched entertainment options including local TV, movies, games, podcasts/vodcasts, audiobooks and much more. Calming sounds and images as well relaxation engagements support patients to alleviate discomforts, reduce level of pain and anxiety, and enjoy a better experience while in your care.

    Watch the video for a brief introduction to PEPS!

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    "My Experience with Phrazer" in the K-12 market


    Please introduce yourself with name, title, organization, your role within the Phrazer program and tell me what you are passionate about. (1).jpegJohn Alberts, Executive Director of Educational Services at Austin Public Schools. I am leading the implementation of the Phrazer program from the district level. I am passionate about supporting students and families to help their students achieve their desired futures. For me, this results in a passion for equity.

    How does Phrazer support your passion?

    Phrazer empowers all families to engage in the educational process by removing some of the barriers of communication. This directly supports my passion for equity. Phrazer also offers ways to provide innovative engagements to students to support their learning development. It works in concert with the work of our teachers, success coaches, and other staff members to empower student and parent voice and agency in our system.

    How is Phrazer currently used and how does is help your students, parents, staff and system?

    It is currently being used to assist families in the enrollment process as well as in communicating health concerns about their student. Phrazer also provides relevant information to parents regarding available community resources. Additionally, we are pioneering a Phrazer program in the classroom setting with innovative parent-teacher engagements and student modules within a reading intervention program.

    If you think about Phrazer’s capabilities and the future within your system - what are you most excited about?

    I am excited to see how Phrazer can help us in further engaging and supporting our community, families, parents and students alike. I am also excited about the role it can play in helping us reconsider how we engage with parents and the function of long standing practices such as conferences. Phrazer’s capabilities help us think about new and innovative ways in which this could be done differently and more efficiently. Finally, I am excited about the positive feedback we received from parents and students utilizing Phrazer to enhance their educational experience.

    If you would describe your experience working GeaCom in three words - which ones would that be? Please explain.  

    Enlightening, challenging, rewarding - I chose these words because they really do sum up the experience. Enlightening because GeaCom is expert in communication and engagement, so we have learned a lot from them regarding this. It is truly a core competency of theirs. Challenging because through this experience, we are challenged to consider our status quo and how we can improve. And finally, rewarding as we see our innovative ideas become reality.

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    Pairing Kitsune is as simple as 1, 2, 3.


    Pairing Kitsune with Phrazer and connecting to a specific audio stream has never been easier.  Watch the video below for a quick tutorial on how to pair and connect or follow these three steps:


    1. Get Kitsune into Pairing mode

    2. Touch Kitsune to Phrazer to activate the Near Field Connection

    3. Select the desired audio stream 


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    Dr. Berg shares insights on Phrazer's value proposition in the ED


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    Real-Time Staff Engagement via CITE Messaging


    With Phrazer/Kitsune and it’s patented CITE messaging feature, a patient is immediately and constantly connected to the care team and never alone. Phrazer/Kitsune updates staff via audio cues on the patient's needs, status and progress in realtime. Phrazer sends actionable and relevant information to different members of the care team - the nurse, doctor, or others. That means staff members receive key information about their patients so that they are more aware and prepared for their conversations. CITE messages to staff are fully configurable to your processes, procedures, and members of the care team. 

    In addition to audio CITE messages for staff, Phrazer’s Multi-Path Real-time Messaging, or short MRM, capabilities include real-time EHR connectivity, alerts on any electronic boards, automatically generated printouts and much more. 

    The MRM is designed to keep patients, staff and system running at top performance through total awareness.


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    PEN Special Event



    On Wednesday October 17th GeaCom hosted a Performance Excellence Network event.


    At the event GeaCom shared the new website (, new product release, announced expanded business with key customers domestic and International, new CITE engagements landing with customers, demonstrated the Patient Entertainment Portal & Services (PEPS), provided a ‘State of the Art, of Innovation’ presentation and provided dozens of demonstrations in the categories of Medical Enterprise, K-12, PEPS and SBIRT+.  Attending this special event were regional medical leadership, the U.S. and Canadian Consulate, JP Morgan leadership, regional business leaders, press representatives and more. 


    The result was a fantastic experience for all, with increased support, excitement and expanding growth of Spirit/Kitsune in market.  

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    "My Experience with Phrazer" in Medicine Clinic


    Please introduce yourself with name, title, your role within the Phrazer program and tell me what you are passionate about. 

    Rachel Sandler Silva, MD, MPH, Hennepin Healthcare, Physician Phrazer Champion. I am passionate about providing equal and excellent patient care and increasing colon cancer screening rates in our community 

    How does Phrazer support your passion? 

    Phrazer provides equal and patient-centered engagements across language and literacy spectrums. Patients receive information relevant to their visit in their native language prior to being seen by a provider. When I enter the room, I am already aware of the patients needs, preferred cancer screening method and can engage them in a more meaningful way. 

    How is Phrazer currently used and how does is help your patients, staff and system? 

    Currently, we use Phrazer for shared decision making around colon cancer screenings. Phrazer helps our patients understand the importance of colon cancer screenings and engages them to identify what screening method works best for them. If the FitKit test is the patient’s preferred method, Phrazer will engage them on how to properly collect a stool sample and inform staff if reinforcement is needed. Phrazer supports our community health efforts and ensures continuity and quality of engagements.

    If you think about Phrazer’s capabilities and the future within your system - what are you most excited about? 

    I am excited about more universally having opportunities to integrate Phrazer’s patient centered engagements and information in real time with providers and the EMR.

    If you would describe your experience working GeaCom in three words - which ones would that be?  

    Innovative - GeaCom’s innovative solutions help us to achieve our goals; Collegial - We share a vision and have been inspired by their dedication to meet our needs; Collaborative - Our innovative ideas become reality through collaboration with GeaCom’s experts.

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