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    CITE Content Creation - Easy. Fast. Accurate.

    u.4.DSC_7193 copy.jpgGeaCom’s efficient CITE engine provides an unmatched turnaround time for patient and staff CITE engagements in less than 24 hours. This allows institutions to stay ahead of epidemic outbreaks, quickly adjust to procedural changes or simply expand within the department or organization. Our streamlined and patented process empowers CITE content creation in any language/culture tailored to your workflow while the application of stringent ISO standards ensures accuracy and quality.

    The remote update feature ensures that CITE engagements are directly delivered to your Phrazer/Kitsune systems for rapid implementation without any special training requirements as it is all incorporated into the CITE engagement(s). And the best of all: your subscription includes any CITE engagement in any language/culture at no added cost. As your committed partner for innovation, we provide a fully adaptable solution that enables you to meet all current and future needs. 

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    The Moral Imperative Of CITE Solutions

    The need to revolutionize and transform healthcare services is undeniable as the following statistics reinforce:

    Fact 1 - Patients suffer: Across Canada, the median wait time for medically necessary treatment is 20.9 weeks. Emergency Departments and hallways are overflowing . For example, in Ontario patients spent an average of 16.3 hours waiting in emergency rooms, according to a study from June 2019. During their stay, patients spend 85% of their time isolated, waiting, and disconnected. Furthermore, patient diversity increases the challenges. For example, along with an aging population, the province of British Columbia is becoming more ethnically and culturally diverse, as almost half of the Metro Vancouver population was born outside Canada. The urgent need for equitable and culturally appropriate engagements is unmet.

    Fact 2 - Staff suffers: 1 in 3 Canadian physicians screen positive for depression and nearly 40% of nurses say they feel a high degree of burnout, affecting patient care. According to the Canadian Patient Safety Institute medical errors are said to be the third leading cause of death in Canada after cancer and heart disease, and every 78 seconds someone is injured from unintended harm.

    Fact 3 - The Health System is broken: The current Canadian health system has an economics problem with rising costs, inefficiencies and conventional methods that can’t solve long-standing challenges. 


     The lives entrusted to our vital health services, suffering in the old method and status quo are due the respect and moral imperative of the fullest consideration possible. CITE Solutions are the novel, proven answer. Inaction to this call to duty is a regret we’ll never forget; let’s work together to innovate for a brighter health service future now.

    As the only medical Journey Solution, Phrazer/Kitsune ensures patient rights and equity across demographies, novel care efficiencies, operational excellence, top of licensure staff performance, new revenue pathways, safety and ultimately better community health. CITE Solutions are affordable and have been proven effective across all areas of care in over 20 million successful patient engagements. 

    Let’s work together to innovate for a brighter health service future for the entire population, immediately! Join us today as we lead the way into a new era of healthcare.  

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    Can Technology Enhance The Patient Staff Relationship? CITE Can!

    Better experience, improved communication, greater agency and deeper consideration with best bedside manner are universally understood as positives that improve not only satisfaction but outcomes.  



    When the patient doesn’t speak English

    Of course a solution to language barriers brings patients and staff closer.  The nearer to natural communication the better the experience and results.  Phrazer/Kitsune offers the most natural language engagements of any solution.  Further, it isn’t just about language, rather Phrazer/Kitsune shares cultural information, expectations and needs for both sides of the engagement (patient and staff).  It sets a foundation of familiarity, trust and openness.


    When the patient needs to share socially difficult information

    Our world is filled with social constructs of taboo and discomfort.  Speaking of extremely personal information or weakness face-to-face, openly with an authority is nearly impossible for people.  Having a natural intermediary, Phrazer/Kitsune, has proven to improve openness, honesty and depth of meaningful disclosure.  A small nugget of information gained may be the hinge point of positive outcomes.  


    When the patient feels alone and neglected

    The most common experience for patients in health facilities is isolation.  Over 90% of a patient’s time is spent isolated and alone.  Helping give the patient agency to convey their needs, learn best solutions, be aware of their state in process and have a conduit to staff at all times is vital to their positive experience.  Phrazer/Kitsune is a journey solution that guides, supports and provides for this need and changes the dynamic from always alone to never alone.


    When staff benefits from foundational information

    The start of many conversations is the hardest part and if not done properly can lead to closed communication.  Broaching to topics of depression, drug use, bad habits, home safety, end of life decisions and other sensitive topics well is extremely challenging and often a failure point.  Phrazer/Kitsune acquires this information and effectively begins the conversation (breaks the ice).  Staff enter into conversations fully informed with great foundations for stronger interactions with patients.


    When staff needs to know state of mind (no surprises)

    Patients can be agitated, angry, depressed, intoxicated and actually dangerous to staff.  Patients in an examination room, left to their own dark thoughts, enhanced by pain and disorientation can build resentment and become highly agitated.  This is dangerous to staff.  Phrazer/Kitsune helps comfort patients and using the MRM warns staff of what to expect when entering a room. 


    When culture, faith and expectations matter

    These things ALWAYS matter.  When a patient or staff feels disrespect, research shows there is a higher prevalence of life threatening error, lower likelihood of the patient following the care plan and nearly always diminished outcomes.  Phrazer/Kitsune identifies culture, language, literacy, expectations and shares this vital information with staff.   Sometimes the information is surprising and a little deference resulting can go a long way to strengthening the staff/patient relationship.


    Changing the experience dynamic for the better

    A patient expects long waits, frustration, disconnected staff and repetitive interactions (asked the same thing over and over).  Phrazer/Kitsune gives patients a voice and greater consideration.  Millions of qualified, measured interactions have shown that patients greatly prefer this experience.  Better experience, better interactions, better outcome.. proven.

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    Innovation Distinguishes Between A Leader And A Follower

    We Innovate - We Lead. 

    u.4.innovation.pngAs the leader in Civil Rights Solutions, GeaCom is committed to continued innovation. We know that expertise, competence, passion about the company’s mission and collaboration are vital elements to drive innovation. Looking back at 2019 we are proud of our accomplishments with the release of a the Patient Entertainment Portal and Services (PEPS), the activation of virtual engagement capabilities, a Community Althing Program with a special Gateway interface for effective engagement of all community stakeholders, the expanded access to language services and more. In partnership with healthcare and and community leaders we create a new era of engagement with full Civil Rights coverage and benefits for everyone involved. The speed and quality of GeaCom’s innovations are unmatched and we look ahead to a bright future with innovations that further reinforce the leading position of GeaCom in the context of CITE Solutions.

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    CITE Solutions: Serving All Language Needs From One Award Winning Platform

    The CITE Solutions subscription includes all medically required and EMR matched engagements covering over 90% of the experienced language/culture needs with unmatched 99.9% accuracy. Additionally, the Phrazer/Kitsune platform offers access to machine translation features in hundreds of languages as well as access to real-time language services.

    Medical CITE Journey Solutions - An ethical invention for equity, Civil Rights and innovation serving all of the health system’s language needs from one award winning platform.


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    Introducing the novel Althing Community Program

    A stunning, proven Civil Rights breakthrough in health care, education, and community services leveraging Communication and Information Theory Empowered (CITE) Solutions to bring unprecedented value to our communities.

    The Althing Program on the Phrazer/Kitsune platform - a modern, community owned engagement solution for equity, Civil Rights coverage and interconnection between healthcare, K-12 and community resources.

    The core values and benefits of the Althing:

    • Novel innovation platform to address long standing challenges
    • First ever community platform for all demographies (Civil Rights breakthrough)
    • A conduit for significant improvement to community health
    • A source of innovative classroom education that flows out to the community too
    • A Shared Decision Making for personalized, realtime identification of & adaptation to needs
    • Improved community resource coordination and services
    • A conduit to bring more resources to the K-12 system and community
    • A pathway to increasing the skill level of the area workforce
    • MN invented, sourced, produced and ongoing innovation
    • Development of a national blueprint for better K-12, community services and inclusion

     Fore more information take a look at the Althing website 

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    Technology to Enable Humanity... Not Hinder Humanity

    We at GeaCom are committed to Civil Rights and innovative solutions that revolutionize and empower the patient-provider relationship. We have teamed up with facilities and care teams to create the next generation of healthcare journey solutions that empower healthcare systems to meet Civil Rights requirements, optimize provider performance, improve clinical outcomes as well as patient and staff experience.

    CITE Solutions enhance the human-to-human connection. We enable providers to easily connect to patient information, streamline clinical communication, and promote collaboration beyond immediate care teams to allow healthcare systems to provide the best possible care through a great experience.

    There is some controversy around the idea that technology separates people by putting something in the middle, creating barriers to the truest form of communication.

    Breakthrough CITE Solutions are empowering this connection. Enabling equal engagement across demographies and giving providers never before access to incredibly powerful patient information enables them to have more meaningful conversations and to facilitate better outcomes.

    You would like to learn more? Get in touch with us via for more information.

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    Shared Decision Making - Personalized, Patient-Centered Engagements for Better Outcomes

    u.1.DoctorsTalking2.pngEngaging patients equally, meaningfully, and effectively throughout their medical encounter is a cornerstone of modernized healthcare. As a CITE Journey Solution, Phrazer/Kitsune not only offers a way to meet Civil Rights, it also establishes a trusted connection between the patient and their care team. Furthermore, CITE Solutions empower patients to take an active role in their care and staff to perform at top of licensure. The patient-centered shared decision engine establishes a way in which care team and patients work together to balance treatment options, risks and expected outcomes with patients’ personal, cultural preferences and values. The CITE enabled shared-decision engine positively impacts patient experience and increases compliance with the care plan. CITE enabled shared decision making reduces information asymmetries and has a moral component: it is the right thing to do. For a deeper patient engagement, improved experiences, and measurably better outcomes. 

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    When you can not afford the risk and cost of disposable consumer hardware (any healthcare use)

    The conventional consumer market wisdom has been that, whenever possible, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products should be used because they are cheap and simple while purpose built platforms should be avoided because they are expensive and complex. However, in mission critical uses, within highly regulated markets this approach is best (and often legally required to be) inverted. Purpose built solutions are not “custom” but rather pre-designed for success in target use cases.  A purpose platform costs less, has a much lower cost of ownership, is safer, more secure and readily adaptable.  Conversely:

    COTS integration always requires extensive visible and invisible modifications and hidden costs. Hallmarks of COTS are unanticipated incompatibilities, random but certain code deprecation, frequently required security updates, 3rd party license conflicts, fragility, downtime and a short fuse of planned obsolescence.

    App market COTS solutions will have you serving many masters, inheriting deep security vulnerabilities and operating in a tangle of app dependencies.  Regular privacy agreement adjustments alone bring extensive legal cost burdens are hallmarks of using the public market.

    COTS system are generally not expandable in ways that best fit your requirements.  They require dozens of different developers for each area of use, can not be physically modified and to event attempt to meet infectious disease standards, require expensive disposables. 

    Due to regulatory and security requirements COTS are legally incompatible with meaningful use cases and remain limited to trivial applications.  Simple uses like displaying documents or surveys are point solutions that can’t change economics. 

    Conversely the purpose-built design approach allows for improved performance and when well designed, results in successful economic and equity outcomes. Purpose built systems enable IT specialists to forecast future needs and integrate specific expandability capabilities to extend timelines between expensive upgrades.  Specialty mission critical architecture can attain the right combination of technology in the form factor required without compromising design, cost, schedule or feature set – and by partnering with a top quality design and purpose design service you will boost innovation and production processes for long-term success while significantly lowering costs and headaches.  Rugged, industrial grade components, in hardened, antimicrobial casings, pre-configured for EMR integration and process improvement can rapidly make meaningful advancements in system performance.

    GeaCom, as the only producer of purpose built medical engagement solutions, can guarantee CITE Purpose Built solutions are the most compatible, least expensive, most reliable, innovation ready and economically beneficial.

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    CITE Solutions - Proven and validated to eliminate implicit biases for better outcomes

    The patient-provider relationship is influenced by the phenomenon of implicit associations that may result in bias. Healthcare providers and patients may have implicit, unconscious biases that affect the dynamics of patient-provider interactions, diagnoses, treatment, outcomes and contribute to health care disparities. Implicit biases are beliefs about certain ethnic, racial and social groups that are outside of a person’s conscious awareness. Numerous studies have shown that, for example, black children and adults receive less adequate pain treatment than their white counterparts in the emergency department for the same presenting condition. Or, that patients feel that they have been treated differently because of their gender, sexual orientation, age or social status. 

    u.1.PeopleWPhrazer.jpgGeaCom’s Communication and Information Theory Empowered (CITE) Solutions offer a breakthrough engagement method that eliminates implicit bias and enables healthcare providers to deliver equitable, value based care. Based on Communication Theory, the system engages patients with a caregiver on screen that matches their demographics (age, gender, cultural background, language, etc) to ensure the highest level of comfort, trust and accuracy. The results are patient equity and Civil Rights coverage, continuity and quality of care across demographies, as well as patient empowerment to actively progress their care. While patients are offered a hyper-human interaction, the system simultaneously provides actionable, relevant information to the care team based  on Information Theory. The novel CITE Solutions provides full regulatory coverage, eliminates implicit bias, supports decision making processes based on accurate information, and improve experiences and outcomes for patients and staff.

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