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Accelerated Change - The Amplified Demand For Transformative Solutions

The pandemic with all of its facets has disrupted the healthcare industry, organizational priorities and the traditional model of care delivery. While some conventional methods may be gone for good, other aspects, especially the augmentation of in-person care with asynchronous engagements, are here to stay. The accelerated change requirement for healthcare systems has put the spotlight on sustainable, agile transformation and innovation strategies for new care dynamics with a holistic approach that include the patients, staff and organization. And there is only one proven, medical grade engagement solution that checks all the boxes - Phrazer/Kitsune utilizing CITE. 

With the foundation in Civil Rights and equity, GeaCom’s award winning solution establishes a new care dynamic with effective care coordination and novel augmentation benefits through asynchronous and synchronous features. GeaCom’s holistic approach is aligned with economic priorities and empowers a sustainable transformation. Eliminate unnecessary costs, improve patient flow, efficiencies and health outcomes, increase the “operating joy” for staff, and encourage agile innovations. Create a culture of change today and set the foundation for your success tomorrow.