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A New Paradigm Of Healthcare After COVID-19

While health systems have been propelled into navigating the demands of the acute COVID-19 surge, the question about how to handle the “new normal” afterwards becomes pressing. This pandemic forced tremendous change on process, payment and policies, and further evolution of healthcare delivery is inevitable. Fundamental changes to healthcare require novel solutions to meet the demands of the new paradigm. GeaCom’s CITE solution plays an integral role meeting these demands for a modernized, equitable and efficient care process. Here’s how:

The demand for equitable solutions: 

The current push for Civil Rights and equity in our communities creates a demand in healthcare for equal engagement across demographies, which conventional methods simply can’t meet. With Phrazer/Kitsune, all patients are engaged equally regardless of age, gender, language or literacy level. For the first time, quality and continuity across the entire patient population is accomplished. CITE Solutions empower patients to actively progress their care and directly populate their chart with unmatched accuracy levels. Furthermore, CITE Solutions eliminate unconscious bias and medical error due to communication barriers. It is the only proven journey solution for full population coverage that brings patients and staff closer together. 

The demand for safe and secure virtual health solutions: 

The boom for virtual health solutions was soon followed by an awakening to security and safety flaws and scalability limitations inherent to consumer devices and point solutions. GeaCom’s medical grade hardware not only exceeds infectious disease standards, it also offers novel virtual health features for safe, secure and effective patient/staff interactions. 

The demand for efficient and scalable solutions: 

Improving efficiency of care without compromising quality remains one of the largest challenges for healthcare facilities. While conventional methods require a “1:1” patient/staff ratio, Phrazer/Kitsune’s Multipath Realtime Messaging (MRM) feature enables a never before possible “1: many” ratio with audio alerts to staff, direct charting into the EHR, notifications to alert boards and more. The MRM feature ensures effective resource coordination, top of licensure performance and staff process adherence leading to operational excellence that can only be achieved with CITE Solutions.   

The demand for cost effectiveness and novel revenue pathways:

Traditionally, point-solutions and repurposed consumer devices have cluttered up departments and induced a huge burden due to cost and frequent updates, upgrades and maintenance. Consolidating point solutions becomes a necessity for cost savings and operational excellence. Phrazer/Kitsune has been proven effective as a means to consolidate language services, patient entertainment, survey services and more -- all while offering a lower cost of ownership. This combination not only alleviates the budget, but also increases revenue leading to an unbeatable ROI.