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Health Care Disparities - They Are Real, Unnecessary And Addressable With CITE Solutions

Despite the improvements in the overall health in the US, there is a large disenfranchised population experience a lower quality of health care. Engaging patients with conventional methods reaches about 20 percent of the entire population effectively - the dominant culture, well-educated, literate, established individuals. Patients differing from that in regards to age, language, cultural background, or literacy level have a documented diminished healthcare experience. Disparities in health care exist and affects everyone. It is known that unconscious bias, stereotyping, prejudice and clinical uncertainty contribute to disparities, but what can you do about it? While national agencies promote equitable, effective, safe and high quality care for all, the reality is that health institutions are struggling to meet these with conventional tools. Until now. GeaCom’s proven medical CITE Journey Solution ensures equity across demographies, quality and continuity of care, top of licensure performance and staff guidance as well as innovation, efficiency and economic benefits for healthcare systems. See a quick video about the moral imperative of Phrazer/Kitsune CITE Solutions here: