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Organizational Change and CITE Transformation Programs

We at GeaCom are passionate about the company’s mission: equity, efficiency, and efficacy in healthcare. We provide a truly differentiated solution that has been proven effective in the most challenging areas of care with unmatched benefits for patients, staff and system. Throughout national and international programs we have discovered that the best hardware and breakthrough methodologies are not the only factors for a successful program. Awareness of organizational change readiness, understanding the value of change and change management expertise are equally important to achieve defined goals.

Organizational Change Readiness is a complex, multi-level, multi-faceted construct that includes the entity’s commitment to change (e.g. patient equity, quality, efficiency), assignment of resources (budget, programs, etc), and is represented in culture and values. Furthermore, the urgency to change, understanding of why change is needed, ownership of change and much more are vital elements to be considered. 

u.4.GeaCom 20181209 TRE Graphic.001.jpegIntroducing new to the world solutions and transitioning from a static method to the dynamic CITE method impacts the entire organization, its culture, processes, workflows and more. While the rewards and benefits are unprecedented we learned that to truly drive change, we need to have individuals across the organization onboard - from executives to front line staff. 

Establishing an understanding for the value of change and associated program requirements to realize desired benefits is vital. In the context of CITE solution this means: 

- Only a fully integrated CITE program provides the breakthrough harmonization and resource u.4.TRE.001.jpegcoordination benefits. 

- Only a fully integrated program ensures patient equity in concert with staff top of licensure performance. 

- Only a fully integrated program will pave a pathway to operational excellence, efficiency, and innovation. 

- Only a fully integrated program will demonstrate the value and unfold the platforms  transformation benefits.

Based on the knowledge about organizational change readiness and change management, GeaCom designs transformation programs focused on stakeholder engagement and empowerment. Champions function as internal drivers of change while endorsement and support from leadership set the framework for longterm success. Organizational goals such as the desire to establish a patient-centered model, improve efficiencies, optimize processes, accelerate innovation and establish a higher level of organizational agility are aligned with program goals. Transformative CITE solutions pave a path to modernized, equal, and effective healthcare achieved through a new level of organizational agility, adaptability and innovation.