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Spotlight: The CITE System's Virtual Health Features for More Efficiency, Effectiveness and Improved Experiences

u.4.phrzaer video confrencing.pngHealth systems are turning towards telemedicine and virtual care platforms to improve the care process and coordinate resources more effectively. Especially smaller and rural community facilities are struggling to meet the need for specialty care. 

CITE solutions harmonize patient, staff and system performance and offer features that empower enterprises to meet their goals, for example virtual engagement capabilities for a more effective and efficient encounter. 

Access to care: Access the virtual engagement features quickly and easily without interrupting the care process. Consult with any specialist including infectious disease experts, mental health providers, social workers and more. Relevant, actionable information about the patient gathered through CITE engagements are available to the specialist for a more meaningful interaction. 

Improve patient flow and experience: Utilize the Systems virtual engagement capabilities to improve patient flow, access to care and experience while reducing waiting times for patients significantly. For example: inside a care facility, the discharge or admission of the patient can be supported virtually via staff on site or remotely. The provider can be in the same facility, in a different facility within the region, at home, or in a different province and easily connect with the patient via Phrazer/Kitsune using a computer or other electronic device. This opens up new opportunities for providers to engage beyond their office hours, to utilize specialists more effectively and improve outcomes. Outside of care facilities, Phrazer/Kitsune as a journey solution supports chronic patients in their homes with synchronous and asynchronous engagements and staff is able to monitor patients’ progress eliminating the need for office visits. 

Lower the cost of care: Managing resources and patient flow more effectively offers financial benefits to the health system. Reduce the cost of care with improved throughput, reduction of LoS, increased compliance with the care plan, and consolidation of costly point solutions. Explore novel reimbursements for virtual engagements and ensure patient and staff safety by utilizing the world’s only medical grade engagement solution, Phrazer/Kitsune, and breakthrough CITE Methodologies.