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Radical Benefits, Rational Process - Your Program to Equity and Excellence

Transition - Refine - Expand, or short TRE, is GeaCom’s approach to easily and effectively employ CITE journey solutions. 

Transition: Begin your transition to CITE Methodologies in defined areas of care or use cases and experience the benefit of immediate patient equity, improved patient experience and a new level of continuity and quality of care. Utilize current initiatives, such as reduction of 30-day readmission rate, or specific areas of care, such as the ED, as entry points to get started. 

Refine: Collaborate with GeaCom on achieving defined goals, recognize accomplishments and refinements of CITE engagements for patients and staff. Utilize Phrazer/Kitsune as platform for innovation that empowers your staff to perform at top of licensure and and thaw frozen opportunities for unmatched results in equity, efficacy, and efficiency. 

Expand: During the term of the TRE program, regular performance reviews are provided to ensure that defined goals are achieved. With GeaCom you have an innovation partner who is committed to support your expansion strategy and desire to fully integrate CITE solutions for unprecedented benefits. Empower the breakthrough by utilizing Phrazer/Kitsune’s patented MRM features for full harmonization of patient, staff and system performance. Expand in other areas of care, consolidate point solutions, explore novel revenue pathways and establish a new level of operational excellence. 

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