Medically Designed Security and Safety

Phrazer is the only device of its kind created for the medical environment. Phrazer links patients, staff, and the electronic medical record more effectively than anything ever before. Utilizing breakthrough techniques, Phrazer keeps your patients safe from disease transfer and your records safe from attacks.

Keeping Records Safe from Theft

Phrazer embodies the highest safety and security standards, protecting your records and overcoming the problem of data theft. Phrazer uses a military grade operating system along with novel hardware and strong software encryptions to keep private information secure.

Keeping Patients Safe with Infectious Disease Control

Phrazer is resistant to chemicals, intrinsically safe, and specialized models can be autoclaved. Incorporated into the casing is a new innovative antimicrobial technology that delivers an unprecedented level of infectious disease control.

Keeping Staff and Patients Safe in Isolation Cases

Especially virulent diseases are more frequently becoming challenges. Hospitals are acting as intersections of interchange, thus finding ways to isolate disease before further transmission is key. Phrazer passes safely from staff to patient, relevant protocols are run to identify isolation needs, and the pertinent information is shared with staff in a way that does not put them at risk. Furthermore, if a patient is identified to have an isolation concern, Phrazer will inform staff and provide isolation instructions that follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to most effectively contain the risk.

Keeping Phrazer Safe from Theft

If a Phrazer were to go missing, it can be located easily when the built-in GPS with VPN cell networks is activated. Furthermore, Phrazer can only be turned on and powered off with a special Crypto-Magnetic Key. Phrazer is completely sealed; however, if for any reason Phrazer was opened and a drive removed, special military grade hardware encryption will make it nearly impossible to access.

Phrazer is the safest, most reliable, and innovative device of its kind.