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When implementing new networked solutions, no matter how compelling, making network access available is a pragmatic and economically concerning consideration.  


No, the current WiFi can not take the additional traffic and meet the throughput requirements.  No, the existing wiring can not carry this signal effectively for the new technology.  Adding additional WiFi and wireless access points still requires wires to those hubs which will cost as much a $5,000/10 feet.  Pragmatic considerations of multiple wireless signals in the same or near same spectrum also creates real challenges as signal collisions and or service disruptions are all but guaranteed.   Running all new wiring in a building costs millions to perform, if there is even room.


Fortunately GeaCom, as a world leading technology developers is putting wires in the past.  New WiFi and BLE mesh technologies on the Phrazer/Kitsune platform are the novel technology that empowers the instant wireless installation.  Each system is a “node” and acts as an access point and relay for all other systems in a facility.  The nodes create a “mesh” of wireless transfer without wires or even special access points.  Vital messages on the mesh leverage a logic process to relay through from point of notification to receiver anywhere in the mesh range (essentially everywhere), creating a new paradigm for responsive and vital messaging performance.




Massive data transfer are also preformed on the mesh so historically network intensive and expensive ‘pulls’ happen instantly and without cost or general network impact.  Rethink the implementation and time and cost of novel digital solutions.  The Phrazer/Kitsune novel high speed mesh network self generates as a stable, secure, efficient implementation for huge time and cost savings. Phrazer/Kitsune network implementation takes an hour or less to achieve connection of the vital CITE Services.