Shared Decision Making - Personalized, Patient-Centered Engagements for Better Outcomes

u.1.DoctorsTalking2.pngEngaging patients equally, meaningfully, and effectively throughout their medical encounter is a cornerstone of modernized healthcare. As a CITE Journey Solution, Phrazer/Kitsune not only offers a way to meet Civil Rights, it also establishes a trusted connection between the patient and their care team. Furthermore, CITE Solutions empower patients to take an active role in their care and staff to perform at top of licensure. The patient-centered shared decision engine establishes a way in which care team and patients work together to balance treatment options, risks and expected outcomes with patients’ personal, cultural preferences and values. The CITE enabled shared-decision engine positively impacts patient experience and increases compliance with the care plan. CITE enabled shared decision making reduces information asymmetries and has a moral component: it is the right thing to do. For a deeper patient engagement, improved experiences, and measurably better outcomes.