When you can not afford the risk and cost of disposable consumer hardware (any healthcare use)

The conventional consumer market wisdom has been that, whenever possible, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products should be used because they are cheap and simple while purpose built platforms should be avoided because they are expensive and complex. However, in mission critical uses, within highly regulated markets this approach is best (and often legally required to be) inverted. Purpose built solutions are not “custom” but rather pre-designed for success in target use cases.  A purpose platform costs less, has a much lower cost of ownership, is safer, more secure and readily adaptable.  Conversely:

COTS integration always requires extensive visible and invisible modifications and hidden costs. Hallmarks of COTS are unanticipated incompatibilities, random but certain code deprecation, frequently required security updates, 3rd party license conflicts, fragility, downtime and a short fuse of planned obsolescence.

App market COTS solutions will have you serving many masters, inheriting deep security vulnerabilities and operating in a tangle of app dependencies.  Regular privacy agreement adjustments alone bring extensive legal cost burdens are hallmarks of using the public market.

COTS system are generally not expandable in ways that best fit your requirements.  They require dozens of different developers for each area of use, can not be physically modified and to event attempt to meet infectious disease standards, require expensive disposables. 

Due to regulatory and security requirements COTS are legally incompatible with meaningful use cases and remain limited to trivial applications.  Simple uses like displaying documents or surveys are point solutions that can’t change economics. 

Conversely the purpose-built design approach allows for improved performance and when well designed, results in successful economic and equity outcomes. Purpose built systems enable IT specialists to forecast future needs and integrate specific expandability capabilities to extend timelines between expensive upgrades.  Specialty mission critical architecture can attain the right combination of technology in the form factor required without compromising design, cost, schedule or feature set – and by partnering with a top quality design and purpose design service you will boost innovation and production processes for long-term success while significantly lowering costs and headaches.  Rugged, industrial grade components, in hardened, antimicrobial casings, pre-configured for EMR integration and process improvement can rapidly make meaningful advancements in system performance.

GeaCom, as the only producer of purpose built medical engagement solutions, can guarantee CITE Purpose Built solutions are the most compatible, least expensive, most reliable, innovation ready and economically beneficial.