"My Experience with Phrazer" in the Emergency Department



Please introduce yourself with name, title, your role within the Phrazer program and tell me what you are passionate about. 

My name is De Anna, I have been a Registered Nurse in Minnesota for 17 years and work in the Emergency Room. I've had the experience of implementing Phrazer into our care setting environment. I am passionate about caring for your life!

How does Phrazer support your passion? 

Phrazer supports my passion for caring for your life by delivering a service of excellence to my patients with an individualized caring experience that is personalized to your specific needs.

How is Phrazer currently used and how does is help your patients, staff and system? 

No matter what care setting of the hospital you are in, the Phrazer System can be programmed to meet the needs and protocol criteria for that area. The linguistic capabilities and use of “CITE Method” engages the patient in their native language with ease of interacting for any age or race.

If you think about Phrazer’s capabilities and the future within your system - what are you most excited about? 

I am excited that Phrazer can be immediately contoured to meet the needs of my patient in any language. It saves me time when Phrazer is gathering and uploading information to the EHR to continue my cares and nursing role when our census is high. 

If you would describe your experience working GeaCom in three words - which ones would that be?  

Revolutionary - GeaCom changes how patients are engaged in healthcare,  sensational - Phrazer assists staff to meet the needs of our patients first and foremost, reliable - Phrazer is a ready to use in any healthcare setting in any language and I can count on GeaCom to provide excellent support.