A little more about Journey Solutions

For patients, medical care is a roll of the dice and in the Information Age they are becoming aware.  Disturbing factors such as the time of day when the visit takes place, patient load, prejudice, patient inability to communicate in the matching language, social constructs and many other factors determine outcomes far more than any patient will readily accept when they become educated to these facts.  Patients are becoming educated on the topic and the time when tolerance ends is near. 

Staff makes more errors at the end of their shifts

Prejudice effects patient outcomes

Overly busy staff limits patient engagement

Pattern seeking behavior by staff has a negative outcome

Unequal application of medical error: 30% rate or higher

Fortunately new method breakthrough solutions have come to the fore to address the complex challenge in the form of a Medical Journey Solution.  A Journey solution is not just great for patients but it benefits staff and economy as well.  

A Journey Solution is a patient personalized engagement companion that connects, guides, advises, educates and supports throughout a medical experience.  The Journey Solution ensures continuity and quality of care across all demographies.  A journey eliminates delays, eliminates point solutions and eliminates barriers to equitable care.  Journey Solution patient are assured of personalized engagements, devoid of prejudice, without delay, with best bedside manner that has them constantly connected to staff and the record.