Any Department, Any Protocol,
In Every Language

Phrazer is equipped with extensive diagnostic and educational protocols you can use immediately. Whether you need real-­time patient satisfaction data, or if you wish to optimize the quality and consistency of patient education, Phrazer’s efficient content engine will create the protocols exactly as you need them.

Easy Integration

Phrazer is built to fit easily into your workflow. Its ingenious and intuitive design means no patient training is required. Simply hand Phrazer to your patient and they will be immediately engaged while Phrazer keeps your staff and EMR informed in real-time.

New Patient Experience

Communication and Information Theory Empowered (CITE) protocols ensure patient trust by using visual, auditory, tactile, and emotional techniques. With an engaging and culturally relevant caregiver speaking the patient’s native language on the device, Phrazer creates a new patient experience.

Dynamic Content Engine

Phrazer is outfitted with CITE enhanced protocols that address the most common walk-in visit complaints, as well as educational protocols and screening protocols. If you desire additional protocols, Phrazer’s dynamic content engine provides these quickly, automatically updating your devices without need of IT assistance. Our creation process is so streamlined that we can easily customize protocols for you to stay current with your departmental needs. When we say customization, we mean it.

Phrazer is unbiased and never forgets to ask a crucial question or provide a necessary detail during an interaction with a patient. Every protocol presented by Phrazer gathers the same information every time from every patient. Phrazer always utilizes best practices and best bedside manner in providing truly objective care for your patients.