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The Phrazer/Kitsune team, customers, partners and users are pleased to provide you with relevant and informative blog posts. Some posts are simple short text updates while others incorporate images, videos and files. Please be respectful of the bloggers, materials and goals of this offering. If you have comments and the link is disabled, please check back later.

    The Power of CITE

    u.4.GeaCom 20201202 CITE-01 (2).pngFirst, what is CITE? 

    CITE stands for Communication and Information Theory Empowered Methodologies that are based on hard sciences related to the principles of human behavior, psychology, brain research, social sciences, and accurate information exchange. CITE is a patented method that has been validated and proven effective in over 20 million interactions. Phrazer/Kitsune, the world’s only medical grade engagement solution, is the only platform utilizing CITE methodologies for novel, unprecedented benefits and results.

    Human Effectiveness

    Phrazer/Kitsune leverages dynamic visual, tactile, and emotional CITE techniques that gain trust, create comfort, and ensure a deep level of patient engagement.For staff, CITE revolutionizes the conventional 1:1 model and empowers staff to effectively engage with multiple patients at the same through fully augmented human interactions.  

    Augmented Engagements

    With asynchronous CITE engagements, patients are empowered to actively progress their care knowing that the care team is constantly aware of their progress and needs. Patients author their own chart, take an active role in their care and are guided through their journey in the most effective way while staff performs at top of licensure and receives visual/audio process adherence guidance, cultural cues and qualified decision aids. A new era of engagement - fully augmented and only possible through CITE. 

    Efficiency Benefits

    Efficiency, effectiveness and equity are synergistic pillars in healthcare. CITE is the only way to establish full equity across all demographies as a required foundation for additional benefits related to patient flow, “speed-to-treat”, staff application, system performance and health outcomes. CITE boosts the efficiency of healthcare delivery while improving value and quality of care.

    Cost Benefits

    CITE solutions not only boost efficiency, but also provide an unmatched ROI and cost benefits. With CITE, medical error due to communication barriers is eliminated, downcoding issues are vastly reduced, costly point-solutions are consolidated and new revenue pathways are offered. 

    Unmatched Adaptability

    GeaCom’s CITE engine is designed to quickly adjust to changing needs. A change in workflow, a new engagement or an expansion into a different demography/language - CITE updates are generally provided within hours and employed through a quick remote update of the designated Phrazer/Kitsune Systems. Simple, easy and at no additional charge. 

    Rapid Innovation 

    GeaCom’s CITE methodologies empower true and rapid innovations. Ideas become a reality through a collaboration with GeaCom’s CITE experts. Together, we are designing the future of healthcare with modern engagement features benefiting patients, staff and System. Join us today and experience the breakthrough, truly differentiated benefits of CITE. Welcome to the new CITE 2020 Era.