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    Introducing the novel Althing Community Program

    A stunning, proven Civil Rights breakthrough in health care, education, and community services leveraging Communication and Information Theory Empowered (CITE) Solutions to bring unprecedented value to our communities.

    The Althing Program on the Phrazer/Kitsune platform - a modern, community owned engagement solution for equity, Civil Rights coverage and interconnection between healthcare, K-12 and community resources.

    The core values and benefits of the Althing:

    • Novel innovation platform to address long standing challenges
    • First ever community platform for all demographies (Civil Rights breakthrough)
    • A conduit for significant improvement to community health
    • A source of innovative classroom education that flows out to the community too
    • A Shared Decision Making for personalized, realtime identification of & adaptation to needs
    • Improved community resource coordination and services
    • A conduit to bring more resources to the K-12 system and community
    • A pathway to increasing the skill level of the area workforce
    • MN invented, sourced, produced and ongoing innovation
    • Development of a national blueprint for better K-12, community services and inclusion

     Fore more information take a look at the Althing website