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    FDA Purpose Built Benefit


    An Update On Purpose Built Medical Solutions:  Why Phrazer/Kitsune Hardware?


    The sophisticated Enterprise on the other hand asks what it is willing to officially sanction. How much bacteria introduction and infectious disease risk is okay?  How much HIPAA exposure is acceptable?  What amount of data exposure is affordable?  What is the value of the sacred trust, so hard earned over the decades?  How much of the budget is available for IT overhead?  How much time is acceptable for your patients to spend totally disengaged from advancing their care while under your roof?  


    Patients are going to show up with their own consumer devices.  Some patients will record AV and photographs of staff and even other patients inappropriately.  All patients with consumer devices will bring bacteria load points, HIPAA violation points (yes their location and timestamp is recorded), digital virus points, intrinsic safety violation points and mis-information portals into your health system (Dr Google).  Some patients will make their co-pay using their devices exposing their record, some will view inappropriate entertainment in earshot of others and all will simply take risks they haven’t considered.  Patients seem to demand, for now, that they retain access to their devices while having the contradictory demand of safety, security, privacy and ethical experiences from the Enterprise.


    Because in population health everyone matters (its a constitutional right)

    Phrazer/Kitsune is the ONLY system to equally engage each patient, with personalized interactions, despite language, literacy, gender, culture and more.  Total continuity and quality of care across demographies without compromise and without additional expense is proven only via Phrazer/Kitsune.  This is only possible due to purpose built medical hardware and systems.


    Because every second in the facility should be focused on health outcomes and quality performance

    To enable the modern, proven CITE Method, specialized technology is employed for realtime and relevant time messaging to coordinate and harmonize patient, staff and system performance.  The key technology that sends targeted, pure, actionable information exactly when and to whom it is needed is only found in Phrazer/Kitsune.


    Because safety matters

    Phrazer/Kitsune takes the patient trust in your facility’s infectious disease control seriously, with the strongest antimicrobial surfaces in the industry.  Intrinsically safe, strong antimicrobials, no surfaces to pool filth, safe for liquids and no requirement for disposables.  This is a standard that should never be forsaken. 


    Because security matters

    Phrazer/Kitsune is powered by the only un-compromised, medical grade operating system.  OS Shannon provides total virus protection, data security and industry leading encryption.  The hardware includes yet another layer of strong encryption, invisible device tracking, powering security and more.  It is the most data secure platform available.


    Because reliability matters

    Single secure source hardware, purpose built to the high quality demands of the market incorporates qualified materials only.  An operating system and user interface designed for one purpose: quality engagements  Phrazer/Kitsune includes no superfluous 3rd party apps, no compromised un-managed points and optimized, hardware targeted design.  When the medical device maker produces software its streamlined, specialty designed and completely integrated. 


    Because cost matters

    Phrazer/Kitsune costs LESS than consumer systems.  Ref the cost analysis for full details not only on significant ROI but also “found money” revenue immediately generated by Phrazer/Kitsune via the patented Multi-path Realtime Messaging (MRM).


    Because innovation matters

    When a new initiative requires adjustment to a dozen point solutions, paper and processes, then that initiative is cost & time prohibitive.  With Phrazer/Kitsune CITE systems patient engagement adjustments, process adherence incorporation and immediate success measures are accomplished quickly, efficiently and holistically.  CITE Systems coordinate patient, staff and system performance so that from a single point, all points of service align to the innovation. 


    Because authority matters

    Phrazer/Kitsune provides your voice; the voice of the Enterprise specifically, to your population, specifically.  No generic versions or web generalized information means authority and specificity for focused top performance and authority.


    In summation, Phrazer/Kitsune is the only medical grade solution that is safe, secure, integrated, adaptive and provides full Civil Rights in conjunction with significant financial benefits.