Breakthrough in Accuracy

Your goal of zero error can now be possible with Phrazer and its breakthrough methodologies. The ethical and financial ramifications of Phrazer’s capabilities are more than compelling -­ they are a moral imperative.

Unparalleled Accuracy

The science behind Phrazer, Communication and Information Theory Empowered (CITE), provides unparalleled results in accuracy. Learn more about CITE.

Accurate Patient Information

Phrazer immediately engages your patient in their native language using a culturally relevant caregiver who guides them quickly through validated, highly focused protocols. With Phrazer, you can be sure you are always getting the information you need, accurately and quickly.

Critical Information Only

Simultaneous to interacting with your patient, Phrazer provides key information through patented audio cues to your staff. Only the critical information is conveyed during the process -­ no junk data or info-glut.

Error-free Records

Information entered by a patient also automatically and objectively flows into your EMR without error, creating an accurate digital record.

This means your patients will flow through the process faster, physician time with patients will be more meaningful, errors will be eliminated, and federal civil rights mandates will be met for the first time.